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Rob Sherman Dies in Plane Crash

As reported by Ballot Access News and the Associated Press, Rob Sherman, former chairman of the Green Party of Cook County (Illinois) and frequent Green Party candidate for public office, died in a plane crash over the weekend.

The McHenry County Coroner confirmed Sherman died after crashing his small plane into a cornfield on either Friday or Saturday.  … Read more ...

‘Together Enhancing America’ Candidate Michael Hawkins Responds to Ballot Petition Challenge

In the statement of Cook County Green Party chairman Rob Sherman, where he provides his rationale for contesting the ballot access petitions of the Justice, Socialist, Constitution, and the Together Enhancing America parties, he writes the following about presidential candidate  Michael Hawkins of the Together Enhancing America Party:

He called me on the phone, Tuesday evening, to complain, bitterly, about my challenge to his papers.  

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Howie Hawkins, Others Respond to Rob Sherman On Illinois Ballot Access Challenges

In response to arguments made by Rob Sherman, the Cook County, Illinois Green Party Chair who has challenged other alternative parties seeking a place on the ballot, prominent New York Green and 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins has the following in Ballot Access News comments:

My appeal to Mr.

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Statement from the Illinois Ballot Access Petition Challenger

As Richard Winger reported July 2 on Ballot Access News, the presidential petitions in Illinois for the Justice, Socialist, and Constitution parties, as well as the “Together Enhancing America” petition for candidate Michael Hawkins, were all challenged as insufficient.

This is significant because in Illinois, parties or candidates that petition to appear on the presidential ballot will appear as long as their petitions are not challenged and found to be inadequate. … Read more ...