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LP Blog: Libertarian Robert Kraus for City Council will cut property tax, cut government waste


Libertarian Robert Kraus of Alexandria, Virginia is the only candidate in the race for City Council who will reduce government spending to 2007 levels and cut the average homeowner’s property tax bill by almost $1,400 per year. He will also work to stop handouts to Special Interests who are vying for a piece of a proposed redevelopment project on the city’s waterfront.Read more ...

Mark Hinkle Emails the LNC re: the Jud Com Ruling About Oregon

This correspondence was sent out yesterday regarding the recent developments in the LP Oregon. For background, read here, here, and here. There are actually a few more articles about it on this site, if the reader chooses to search “lp Oregon”.

From: Mark Hinkle
Date: September 5, 2011 1:15:20 AM EDT
To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org… Read more ...

Rachel Hawkridge Replaced on LP National Committee

Friday, Rachel Hawkridge announced her resignation from the Libertarian National Committee and the Libertarian Party. Ms. Hawkridge did not appear at the LNC’s April meeting in Washington, D.C. She last attended the organization’s November meeting in New Orleans.

Ms. Hawkridge had also been serving as Chair of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA).… Read more ...

Libertarian Party HQ: Outreach at Left of Center Conferences

From: Robert Kraus
Subject: LPHQ Attendance at Left of Center Conferences


Please feel free to share this email.

We have been asked by several LP Members to look at “left of center” or “alternative” conferences in the DC area which we could attend to counter the image that we only attend CPAC like events (8,500 attendees).… Read more ...

George Phillies says Libertarian Party acting executive director Robert Kraus asked Massachusetts LP to disaffiliate

Phillies, in group email:

“…my state chair (Dave Blau) had a phone call from the LNC Acting Director, and in one of the early sentences the first two words form Mr. Krauss’s [sic] lips were, I am told, “please” and “disaffiliate”.”

The Massachusetts LP has passed resolutions at odds with the national LP leadership:

Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Resolution on LNC Acts

The LPMass State Committee, having read in detail of events at the December Libertarian National Committee meeting, has passed a resolution responding to the National Committee actions.

Read more ...

Mixed messages from Libertarian National Committee

As recently reported, the LNC has chosen St. Louis, MO as the site of its 2010 convention. Below is the congratulatory message sent by LNC member Michael Colley to the LNC, which Treasurer Bob Sullentrup then forwarded to the Missouri LP Executive Committee:

As recommended by the Convention Oversight Committee and approved by Chair Bill Redpath, the Renaissance St.

Read more ...

Snubgate goes mainstream: WaPo says Barr went ‘hog wild’

Acting without just authority, interim Executive Director of the Libertarian Party Robert Kraus — who replaced the disgraced and resigned Shane Cory (who now works for the Barr campaign) — issued a statement saying that libertarians should not trust blogs for their news. He was unhappy with the way IPR, Last Free Voice, and LewRockwell.comRead more ...

LP blog asks supporters to ‘consider the facts and not rely on blogs for your news’

A new blog entry has been written by Robert Kraus, Acting Executive Director of the Libertarian Party. Kraus responds to what he says are the concerns of many LP members over presidential candidate Bob Barr‘s non-attendance at the Paul/Baldwin/McKinney/Nader press conference earlier today, criticizing Ron Paul’s staff and supporters close to it for “games” over the past year, as well as today.… Read more ...