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Ken Krawchuk Releases Video of 2012 Alternate Candidates Debate

Ken Krawchuk, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania in 1998 and 2002, and a candidate for the party’s 2000 vice presidential nomination, released video of a 2012 alternate candidates debate, which he moderated.

The two-hour long debate, sponsored by Democracy Unplugged took place in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania on January 14, 2012.… Read more ...

Robert Milnes, Perennial Presidential Candidate, Communicates With LNC Chairman Geoff Neale

Because no April 1st would be complete without a Robert Milnes story 🙂

Here is the conversation between Geoff Neale and Robert Milnes.

Anyway, Paulie at one point said that we could post something about him in April, and I expect he’ll remember that soon.  So, here it is, posted.

From: “Robert Milnes” <r.milnes@att.netRead more ...

Robert Milnes: The Destiny of Libertarianism

Robert Milnes, a 2008 and 2012 candidate for the Libertarian, Green and (now defunct) Boston Tea Party’s presidential nominations and current 2016 Independent presidential candidate wrote the following piece that looks at the history and destiny of Progressivism and Libertarianism as steps toward Anarchy:

Let us consider the following:
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Update on Other Green Party Presidential Candidates ahead of the National Convention

While physician Jill Stein is the presumptive Green Party presidential nominee after securing a total of 205 delegates with her victory in the California primary, four additional candidates with delegates that are still in the race hope to pull off an upset or claim the party’s vice-presidential nomination at the July 12-15 nominating convention in Baltimore.  … Read more ...

Robert Milnes: Open Letter to the Libertarian Party

Robert Milnes was a regular visitor to IPR for a while.  Due to his propensity to turn every thread into a discussion of his plan, PLAS (Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy), he lost commenting privileges here.  However, he comes up in conversation sometimes and I know many here would like to know what he’s up to. 
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LP Presidential Candidates respond to Questionnaire

Recently, a questionnaire of ten personal and ten policy questions was sent via e-mail to each Libertarian Party presidential candidate listed at Politics1. R. Lee Wrights was the only exception, since he answered the same questions last summer.  Former presidential candidate RJ Harris also answered the questions last summer.

This time, only Robert Milnes and Joy Waymire decided to fill out the questionnaire.… Read more ...

Bob Barr, Roseanne Barr Negotiating Progressive-Libertarian Alliance Ticket?

I have just learned from high placed campaign sources that Roseanne Barr, a candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, and 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr are in serious discussions about a joint campaign for POTUS.

The sticking point right now is which one would head the ticket. Roseanne Barr has been making the case that, as the progressive, she would bring 27% of the voters in the country on board as supporters in the general election, as opposed to only 13% that would support the Libertarians.… Read more ...

Robert Milnes is Currently a Leading Candidate for the Boston Tea Party Presidential Nomination

Robert Milnes has received a surprising surge in support for the Presidential nomination of the Boston Tea Party, which holds all its nominee and officer elections online and is currently on the ballot in zero states.

The BTP previously nominated Tiffany Briscoe, but removed her as the presidential nominee after it turned out that she had falsely claimed to be a college graduate and part of the board of trustees of Howard County Community College.… Read more ...

BTP Removes Tiffany Briscoe as Presidential Nominee

Members of the Boston Tea Party (BTP) have voted to remove student Tiffany Briscoe as the party’s presidential nominee. At the moment, she has been replaced with NOTA (None of the Above).

Briscoe, who falsely claimed she was a member of the Howard Community College Board of Trustees and a graduate of the school, was selected at the BTP’s nominating convention last December.… Read more ...

Update on Candidates Seeking 2012 LP Presidential Nomination

Since my last update a month ago, here’s what I know about what’s new with the the campaigns for the LP presidential nomination:

Gary Johnson has now participated in one debate with other candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination, and has made plans to appear in others. Johnson has received the endorsement of several state and county LP organizations, which has not been a common practice in the LP in the past.… Read more ...

Several Candidates Seeking Libertarian Presidential Nomination Removed From Party’s Official Listing

As of today, I have noticed (h/t George Phillies in IPR comments) that the Libertarian Party’s Official Listing of Candidates Seeking the Libertarian Presidential Nomination has been winnowed to remove quite a few names, including at least one candidate who has participated in debates among the presidential contenders this year, run for public office as a Libertarian before, and shown other signs of being competitive in various ways, Carl Person.Read more ...

Tiffany Briscoe campaign: ‘What started as a simple misunderstanding between campaign officials and the presidential candidate grew into a misrepresentation of the truth’

After Robert Milnes, a candidate defeated for the Boston Tea Party presidential nomination accused nominee Tiffany Briscoe of falsifying her resume, Briscoe initially responded:

I don’t know if this is genuine to the Howard Community College or, in general, to community colleges, but the fact of the matter is that all graduates with a memorable mention at their graduation are offered a title as being part of the “Board of Trustees”.

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