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Robert Owens to Address Constitution Party National Committee Meeting

From Gary Odom:

One thing that was clearly demonstrated by the 2010 election campaign is that the Constitution Party is developing a number bona fide “stars” of its own. Whether they were first timers, like the remarkable Chelene Nightingale of California, or the indefatigable Bernie De Castro of Florida; those with some previous electoral experience, such as Utah’s Scott Bradley or Oregon’s marvelous Mary Starrett; or veteran campaigners like Nevada’s favorite daughter, Janine Hansen, the Constitution Party showed that it has a large and growing number first rate candidates, of whom these are but a small sampling, who not only do an outstanding job of representing the Constitution Party, but who are clearly ready for “Prime time.”… Read more ...

Robert Owens Speaks To 9/12 Project In Cincinnati

Robert Owens is the candidate of the Constitution Party in Ohio for the office of Attorney General. He is speaking to a group called the “9/12 Project” in Cincinnati tomorrow evening.

At the invitation of the Cincinnati 912 Project, Robert Owens, candidate for Ohio Attorney General on the Constitutional Party ticket, will speak on the role of the Attorney General as it relates to state sovereignty, on illegal immigration, and on other matters Tuesday evening, June 15 at the Evendale Recreation Center.

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Robert Owens gets over 230,000 votes for Attorney General of Ohio

ChuckBaldwinForum.com reports:

The chairman of the Constitution Party of Ohio received over 230,000 votes with a campaign featuring a positive message and an urban agenda.

Owens was also endorsed by the Libertarian Party and the Reform Party.

This was 4.81% according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.… Read more ...

Ohio candidate for AG lauds ‘programs to support homeowners’

Independent candidate for Ohio Attorney General Robert Owens praised voluntary programs to help homeowners being foreclosed upon in a press release today. He mentioned his experience as a pro bono prosecutor and attacked the Democrat for proposing excessive government intervention.

The press release is posted below:

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Attorney General candidate Robert Owens released a
statement today supporting the Franklin County Homeowner Helpline as a
leading program to assist Ohioans facing foreclosure.
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Robert Owens on corruption and more polling numbers

Robert Owens, who is an Independent candidate for Attorney General in Ohio, recently sent out a press release regarding his standing up to the corruption of former Attorney General Marc Dann, whose appointments are still permeating the same culture of corruption that led to his resignation.

On Thursday, Robert Owens again showed the kind of leadership we need as attorney general, fighting corruption that endangers Ohio families.

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Robert Owens, Independent candidate for Ohio AG, polls 13%

Robert Owens, who has been endorsed by the Libertarian, Constitution, and Reform parties of Ohio, is running as an Independent candidate for Ohio Attorney General in Ohio. A poll was done recently by SurveyUSA which put Mr. Owens at 13%. This has stirred up some press in Ohio.

CLEVELAND — The race to replace Marc Dann as Ohio Attorney General includes an independent candidate who is attracting some voters.

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Robert Owens to appear on television talk show

Robert Owens, who is an Independent candidate for Ohio attorney general and was previously identified here as one of the top 10 third-party candidates in 2008, was on a statewide television show called Capital Square. This early morning political talk show is seen on the Ohio News Network. The video can be seen here.… Read more ...

The top 10 of 2008: #10-6

I have spent the last couple of days compiling information on the top 10 independent or third-party candidates in the country in 2008. For obvious reasons, this list had to have very specific criterion, otherwise it would have been far too expansive and far too hard to rank. So this list is specifically for candidates vying for federal or state-wide office, excepting the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidates.… Read more ...

Robert Owens writes letter-to-the-editor

Robert Owens, an Independent candidate for Attorney General in Ohio and the chair of the Constitution Party in Ohio, wrote a letter to the editor today which was printed by a number of Ohio newpapers including the Zanesville Times Recorder and the Columbus Dispatch.

“The Supreme Court recently struck down a gun ban and affirmed that the Second Amendment to keep and use firearms was an individual right.

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