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David Colborne on Libertarians: Death by Parliamentary Red Tape?

David Colborne in IPR comments:

Regarding parliamentary rules, I find it absolutely amazing how, at every Libertarian event (and this is a personal observation, not an official one), the probability that an LP meeting will devolve into rules lawyering approaches 1 given enough time. I don’t know if it’s a personality situation or a design flaw in Robert’s Rules themselves but it’s absolutely maddening.… Read more ...

Robert’s Author Gives Opinion On LP Convention Registration Fees

According to a source on the Libertarian National Committee, LP Chair Bill Redpath yesterday received an opinion by the authors of Robert’s Rules asserting that the LP’s rules allow a registration fee at conventions.  The six-page opinion begins:

This letter constitutes our professional opinion as parliamentarians concerning the following questions with regard to the Libertarian Party:

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