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Roger Stone Offers to Freeze Sperm for Laura Loomer, Teases Libertarian Challenge to Ron DeSantis

Roger Stone, a notorious Nixon-era trickster and Donald Trump confidante, is once again teasing a campaign for governor of Florida as a Libertarian. And it would seem he’s also looking to expand his family in a rather unconventional way.

In what seems like either a joke or a publicity stunt, or probably both, Stone is offering to freeze his sperm for right-wing activist (and fringe conspiracy theorist) Laura Loomer.… Read more ...

Bill Still Calls for Pardon of Roger Stone

On the April 22 episode of The Still Report, the popular YouTube channel of 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bill Still, Still urged viewers to sign a petition for President Donald Trump to pardon political operative Roger Stone.  Stone, 67, once a member of the Libertarian Party, was found guilty of false statements, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice. … Read more ...

Ghoul Roger Stone to Appear as “Head Ghoul” at Utah LP Halloween Event

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Party of Utah; in honor of its first chair, tax protester (and one of the several key national party co-founders) Karl Bray and in ghoulish alignment with this year’s union of Halloween and Utah’s Special Election (Nov 7) the Utah LP announces:

A Dark Night of Political Horror with THE “Dark Knight” of Political Horror, Roger Stone

to be held at the Peace Coliseum, Nucleus Room, Saturday October 28 from 5 to 9.… Read more ...

William Saturn Interviews Augustus Sol Invictus

From The Saturnalian, originally published at Wikinews


Augustus Sol Invictus, an Orlando attorney currently seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the Senate seat being vacated by former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, took part in a short interview with William S. Saturn to discuss his background, political views, and unorthodox campaign for the Senate.… Read more ...

Roger Stone Has Op-ed Published: How Donald Trump Can Win (the US Presidency)

roger stone

Posted to Saint Peters Blog

August 9, 2015

How Donald Trump Can Win

Presidential campaigns are always won with big-picture ideas articulated with simple, memorable and disciplined messaging. Even in a primary, voters respond more favorably to a candidate with a grand vision of what our country should be than to policy wonks.… Read more ...

Roger Stone quits Trump campaign, Trump says he was fired

(CNN) Donald Trump’s campaign said Saturday it has fired top political adviser Roger Stone — who promptly denied being let go and insisted he had quit.

Stone’s disassociation from the Trump operation Saturday highlights the campaign’s seeming lack of veteran political advisers, even as the 2016 season is ramping up in earnest.… Read more ...

Roger Stone: 40 years Republican, 2012 Libertarian, now back on (R) Trump Payroll?

Roger Stone Pirate
Yesterday Roger Stone was characterized as a “Libertarian Political Strategist” by FOX News. Last month he was identified as a “Libertarian who advised Governor Gary Johnson during his presidential bid” on OFF THE GRID WITH JESSE VENTURA. Not disclosed in either interview was his current status as a highly paid “Communications Consultant” for Republican Primary Candidate Donald Trump ($4,000+/week for 7 weeks in April/May 2015).… Read more ...

Robert Wenzel: NY State Libertarian Party War!

Published July 23, 2013 on Economic Policy Journal

By Robert Wenzel

If you are not a scholar of internal third party squabbles, this will have no value other than entertainment value. But, entertaining it is. Grab your popcorn.On June 8, Kristin Davis put out a press release that said in part:


Ex-Madam Kristin Davis, best known for her role in supplying escorts for former Governor Eliot Spitzer, announced that she will run as the Libertarian Party Candidate for New York City Comptroller against Democrat Scott Stringer.

Read more ...

Roger Stone Comments on Libertarian Party of Florida Convention

The following, written by Roger Stone, was posted on the Libertarian Party of Florida Facebook group today. It was in responce to Alexander Snitker’s article, re-published on IPR: https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2013/05/alexander-snitker-its-a-matter-of-perspective-mr-stone/). Roger Stone is a former high-level GOP operative who joined the LP in 2012. He considered seeking the party’s nomination for Florida governor in 2014 but after months of speculation announced he wouldn’t do so at the LPF convention, held May 24-26th, 2013 in Naples. Read more ...

Alexander Snitker: It’s a matter of Perspective, Mr. Stone

Aleaxander Snitker was the 2010 Libertarian Party nominee for U.S. Senate in Florida. He was elected the vice-chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) at the May 24-26th, 2013 state convention in Naples. 

Published May 27, 2013


As I was heading home from one of the most well attended and productive Libertarian Party of Florida state conventions in many years, I was feeling positive about the direction the party is headed.… Read more ...

Libertarian Roger Stone will not run for Governor of Florida

The following statement from former GOP operative turned Libertarian Roger Stone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Stone) was published on The Miami Herald website on May 26, 2013:

While I am sorely tempted to be a candidate for Governor of Florida, I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate. I have come to the conclusion that my own, shall we say, colorful lifestyle and the bumps and scars of hundreds of political fights would be a distraction from our message of Liberty.

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Celeste Katz: Joe Lhota Will Decline Libertarian Party Nomination; Won’t Co-Star With Kristin Davis

The following is an April 10th article by Celeste Katz, published on the New York Daily News website.

Republican Joe Lhota may appear on Libertarian Party petitions alongside “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis, but he won’t be showing up on the ballot as her running mate.

“Joe Lhota did not seek the Libertarian line and he will not accept it,” spox Susan Del Percio emailed the Daily News this morning in response to a story about the party endorsing Lhota for mayor at its convention Tuesday night.… Read more ...