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[American Conservative Party:] ‘Mitt Romney: More in Common with President Obama Than You Know’

Written by Lee Anderson
Posted at American Conservative Party (theamericanconservatives.org)

Mitt Romney has taken a lot of heat over his “Romney Care” effort to insure all citizens while he was governor of Massachusetts. And for good reasons. The Massachusetts plan was supposed to accomplish two things; achieve universal health insurance coverage and controlling costs.… Read more ...

Libertarians at CPAC present Republican Wall of Shame

Press release from the Libertarian Party:

WASHINGTON – At their booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Libertarian Party is displaying a "Republican Wall of Shame." (View low-res JPG or high-res PDF.)

These are the prominent Republicans featured on the Wall of Shame:

  • Mitt Romney, supporter of the RomneyCare socialized medicine program in Massachusetts.
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RightCondition: Will Scott Brown stop ObamaCare?

RightCondition: Will Scott Brown stop ObamaCare?:
by Arkady Kamenetsky

An important question to consider seeing that his entire campaign has now been focused on this one issue.  Although the legislative technicalities have already been discussed, I decided that a picture might convey the idea better.  For all the out-of-state supporters clamoring for a Scott Brown victory, this is for you!… Read more ...