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Party for Socialism and Liberation organizes San Diego rally against Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids

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By: Abel Macias

Say no to detentions and deportations!

On Nov. 5, as workers were coming home from work, they came across a rally of over 150 students, youth and workers who were demanding an end to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in their community.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation had called for the rally after a young student shared her experience at a PSL class on socialism.… Read more ...

American Conservative Party: Angelo Codevilla and “America’s Ruling Class”

Butch Porter at heamericanconservatives.org:

Absolutely the best article of the last decade regarding the bipartisan ruling elite of the United States. It’s a long article (long enough to even warrant a booklet), and worth a full read from beginning to end. Angelo Codevilla, American Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution in the Weekly Spectator.… Read more ...