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Craig Bowden, Marine For Freedom, (L) Utah 1st District, Pens Open letter to “Republican Shills.”

Marineforfreedom Craig Bowden Libertarian candidate for Utah’s First Congressional District and author of Common Sense: How to Restore America as well as Warrior Poet, has penned an open letter to “Tea Party groups, Liberty groups, Conservative Leadership PACs, news organizations, radio personalities and pundits” calling them out today for what they are: “shills for the Republican Party.”… Read more ...

Limbaugh: disgruntled tea partiers could bolt the GOP to form a third party

Kenric Ward in Sunshine State News, by way of the Florida TEA Party:

…Limbaugh… tweaked establishment Republicans by predicting that disgruntled tea partiers could bolt the GOP to form a third party.

“They know they’re a majority in the country. If they conclude that they have no influence with the current crop of Republicans, they’ll go third party,” Limbaugh opined.… Read more ...

Nader says: PBS-NPR are leaning right

Ralph Nader has run for President of the United States as a Green Party candidate, and more recently, as an independent candidate. The following is a post from www.nader.org.

PBS-NPR-Leaning Right
Monday, March 14. 2011

The tumultuous managerial shakeup at National Public Radio headquarters for trivial verbal miscues once again has highlighted the ludicrous corporatist right-wing charge that public radio and public TV are replete with left-leaning or leftist programming.… Read more ...

Long Island, NY: Zabby runs protest campaign for Conservative Party line

This is an original story by Kimberly Wilder, based on internet research and a phone interview with 1st Congressional District candidate Zabby.

In the First District race for Congress, the well-publicized choices in the Tuesday, September 14th, Conservative Party primary are: Chris Cox, George Demos, and Randy Altschuler. There is an OTB/Opportunity to Ballot in the race, which opens up a line in a primary race for the chance to write-in.… Read more ...

Wayne Root to Guest Host on CBS Radio in Las Vegas

For Immediate Release


Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, best-selling author, and Fox News regular, will guest host this week in afternoon drive-time on the talk and news powerhouse station in Las Vegas KXNT 840-AM.… Read more ...

Loretta Nall: “It’s only a crime to be an addict if you are poor”

By Loretta Nall by way of Free Patriot Press. Nall was endorsed for Governor by the Libertarian Party of Alabama in 2006. She ran as a write-in.

by: Loretta Nall

Or so says Dennis Knizley, attorney for Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine.

According to the Press-Register Knizley had this to say after being asked by a reporter if Nodine had a drug problem.… Read more ...

Limbaugh Challenges Listeners to Identify Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office

Providing a golden opportunity for conservative and libertarian third party and independent advocates, Rush Limbaugh has challenged his listeners to identify third party candidates for office and asked them to “call me and tell me and we’ll discuss it.”  From his radio show yesterday:

Now, if you happen to think a third party is the best way to go, then go out there and form it. 

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Michael Munger, 2008 Libertarian candidate for Governor of NC, was recent Rush Limbaugh Show guest

Via facebook:

Mark W. Rutherford sent a message to the members of Atlas!Liberty PAC.

Subject: Michael Munger, 2008 Scholarship Recipient, On Rush Limbaugh’s Show

“2008 Atlas!Liberty campaign training scholarship recipient Michael Munger was a guest on the February 10, 2009 Rush Limbaugh show. He talked about the government bailout program. It was mentioned that he signed CATO’s newspaper advertisement as an economist against the bailout.… Read more ...

Paul Mulshine says Barr is a conservative

Paul Mulshine writes at the NJ Voices blog that Bob Barr represents true “conservatism”, not Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh was perhaps the biggest Bush backer in the American media during the past eight years, a time when Bush violated every principle of conservative governance as he pushed the country ever further into the hands of big-spending big government.

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Rush Limbaugh: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should consider appointing Alan Keyes to fill Barack Obama’s US Senate seat

AIP News reports:

The last word from el rushbo today was a recommendation that if Blagojevich wants to stick it to his pals he should nominate Alan Keyes for the vacant US Senate seat… Interesting. Maybe we are having an effect. — Bob Bailey

“El Rushbo” is a nickname for broadcaster Rush Limbaugh.… Read more ...

Rush Limbaugh: More libertarian than Bob Barr?

Neoconservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh has admonished Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr for praising Al Gore’s work on climate change. According to reports, Limbaugh has called on Libertarians to explain to their presidential candidate what libertarianism actually means.

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