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Nicholas Hensley Now Officially the Reform Party National Chairman

Longtime Reform Party National Committee Secretary Nicholas Hensley officially became chairman of the party on December 3 after outgoing chairman Bill Merrell took an early exit from the post.

Hensley was elected chairman at the virtual 2020 Reform National Convention last summer but his term was not expected to begin until next year.… Read more ...

Barr 0-2 in lawsuit news: Loses first round in Texas, has Pennsylvania victory appealed

Last Free Voice

From Russ Verney email:

Late last night, I returned from Texas where we had just filed for an emergency legal stay to prevent the Secretary of State from mailing ballots until our case is resolved.

Before I could even unpack, I received word that our emergency stay had been rejected.

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Barr campaign: keep opposition off the ballot and out of debates?

Bob Barr is currently suing to remove McCain and Obama from the Texas ballot, alleging that they did not file their paperwork on time. Barr is also suing to remove George Phillies from the ballot in NH (Barr is already on the ballot separately in that state).

As most readers here already know, Barr has created controversy by
Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty when they brought the presidential candidates of the Constitution and Green parties together, along with independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, on a four-point platform of consensus on foreign policy, the national debt, privacy and the federal reserve.… Read more ...

Will Barr’s campaign manager be fired?

The IPR-coined term “Snubgate” made it to the most widely read libertarian Web site in the world, LewRockwell.com, today, when Eric Garris published an entry on the LRC blog asking if the Barr campaign’s leadership is “splitting.”

Garris’s question was prompted by the scathing editorial David Franke, a conservative movement veteran, posted at Third Party Watch.… Read more ...

Adam Kokesh relays his experience at the National Press Club

Iraq War Veterans Against the War member and independent blogger Adam Kokesh has provided his own account of the events leading up to the public retraction of his endorsement of Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr:

Bob Barr just had to ruin it for everyone for his own selfish reasons. He had agreed to the platform, and agreed to be at the event, only to withdraw thirty minutes before it happened.

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Gregory: Bob Barr campaign digs deeper hole; Woods: Verney’s statement ‘sheer stupidity’

“This is really amazing,” says LRC columnist and blogger Anthony Gregory, in reference to the Barr campaign’s recent pro-Bush/anti-Paul statement. “The same campaign that was willing to praise Jesse Helms, Al Gore and now George Bush, a campaign that has flip-flopped on global warming, gay marriage, the drug war and other issues, is now attacking the most popular libertarian activist movement in modern history, and attacking Ron Paul the person for caring more about himself than spreading the message of freedom – perhaps the most bizarre accusation one could make.”… Read more ...

Barr campaign manager: ‘Bush showed incredible leadership’, criticizes Ron Paul and followers

Russ Verney, the campaign manager of the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee says that President George W. Bush showed “incredible leadership as he stood atop a fire truck amidst the rubble of the twin towers to rally America.”

Verney then compares Bush’s “incredible leadership” to the “leadership” exhibited by Libertarian VP nominee Wayne Allyn Root in offering to illegally step down as Bob Barr’s running mate in deference to Ron Paul.… Read more ...

The story in Texas develops: will Barr be alone on the ballot?

We reported earlier that Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr would be the sole presidential candidate on the Texas general election ballot. His campaign was the only one to turn the necessary paperwork in on time. However, the situation has become more complicated.

While neither major party candidate had their papers turned in on time, and that is the determining factor of ballot access in Texas, there seems to be a chance that they will still be a choice in November.Â… Read more ...

Verney brags of Barr’s eagerness to sue church

In a recent fundraising letter, Barr campaign manager Russ Verney boasts of Bob Barr’s willingness to sue a church over not inviting him to a privately organized event:

After weeks of negotiations and calls to Saddleback Church from leaders from every corner of the political spectrum supporting Bob Barr’s inclusion, we’ve been left out in the cold.

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Bob Barr campaign broke?

Susan Davis reports:

In perhaps the most desperate sounding e-mail solicitation yet this election cycle, third party Libertarian candidate Bob Barr’s campaign manager sent out a plea today to supporters to raise $15,000 each day this week—or else.

Under the subject line, “Have I said or done something to offend you?”

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Barr campaign seeks ballot access in West Virginia, off pace in fundraising from June

The following is from a (mass) email I just received from Barr deputy campaign manager Shane Cory.

I’m in Charleston, West Virginia attempting to get Bob Barr on the ballot. When I arrived early Wednesday morning, I didn’t think it would be possible, but I had to give it a shot.

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Barr campaign takes heat for AC expense

According to a Bob Barr fundraising e-mail sent out by campaign manager Russ Verney, the Barr campaign spent $19,000 to install air conditioning at its campaign HQ, which will only be in use through the November election. This, and other expenses that the campaign candidly disclosed in the e-mail, have been called into question by the editor of Last Free Voice, ElfNinosMom.… Read more ...