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Libertarian vs. Socialist on Russia Today; Root says he plans on running for President in 2012

H/T “Anonymous Rabble-Rouser” in IPR comments on a previous post:

Michael Prysner of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and Wayne Root of the Libertarian Party debate socialism vs. capitalism in this clip from Russia Today:

Also of interest to our Libertarian readers and some others, at the 6:10 mark in the clip Wayne Root says he is running for President in 2012.… Read more ...

Free and Equal debate between Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin covered on Russia Today

The segment on the alternative debate is about 4 minutes into the clip.

IPR’s previous coverage of the debate included reporting on David Weigel’s piece in The Nation, as well as video of the debate (with links to several prior articles). … Read more ...

La Riva talks South Ossetia on Russia Today

Party for Socialism and Liberation presidential nominee Gloria La Riva has been interviewed by Russia Today, in a piece that contrasts the socialist’s analysis of the South Ossetian War with that of McCain, Obama, and the White House:

Another statement by La Riva, possibly from the same interview but not included in the final cut, can be found in a PSL News and Analysis piece entitled “Russia, Georgia, and independence in the age of imperialism“:

“The U.S.

Read more ...