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Ann Garrison: ‘Where else will the LGBT community, or the anti-war and environmental communities, have to turn in 2012?’

Posted by Ann Garrison at Colored Opinions. One error of fact, which does not change the larger point: Nader ran as an independent in 2004, Green candidate Cobb and Libertarian Badnarik actually were arrested at a presidential debate that year, but Nader did run on the Green ticket in 1996 and 2000.… Read more ...

California Greens say Obama should uninvite Rick Warren as inauguration pastor

Found at News Blaze

The Green Party of California – noting the Democratic Party’s national platform does not support same sex marriage – is demanding that President-elect Obama un-invite pro-Prop 8 pastor Rick Warren to perform the invocation for the Obama inauguration.

Further, Greens charged, it quite possibly was the mixed message sent from the Democratic Party, and the President-elect himself that contributed to the passage of Prop.

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PSL candidates protest Saddleback Forum

In addition to the Bob Barr campaign’s McCain-Feingold challenge to Saddleback Church’s presidential forum, another third party took issue with the event while applying a different strategy against it.

Gloria La Riva, the Party for Socialism and Liberation‘s presidential nominee joined two local PSL candidates (Lucilla Esguerra and Sergio Farias) and at least 300 other activists in protesting the forum, calling the demonstration a protest of the war and a defense of workers rights:

While the bourgeois candidates hobnobbed with reactionaries in the church, a truer expression of the political process was raging outside.

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Barr/Saddleback lawsuit fails

According to the LA TimesTop of the Ticket blog, the judge deciding on the Barr campaign’s last-minute lawsuit against Saddleback Church’s two-party forum was deliberating until at least 8 PM Friday night. According to an update recently posted, the judge has declined the campaign’s request for an injunction, and the event will proceed as planned.… Read more ...

Barr campaign to file suit against Saddleback Church

In a press release issued today, the Bob Barr campaign has announced that it will file for a preliminary injunction against Orange County, California’s Saddleback Church, presided over by Pastor Rick Warren:

“It is our opinion that the Saddleback Church forum failed to publish any pre-established, objective criteria for inviting candidates to the event,” says Russell Verney, Barr’s campaign manager.

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