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Time Capsule: Anarcho Claus and Parody Political Christmas Carols

Forty-five years ago the anarchist classic The Legend of Anarcho Claus was first published in New Libertarian Weekly (n54, 26 Dec 1976, p3-4).

The tale relates the story of, “Little Janie White who wants a chemistry set for Christmas, but her parents (try to) prohibit it. Tearfully waiting up until midnight .… Read more ...

Samuel Edward Konkin III: History of the Libertarian Movement


This was posted to Facebook. The name of the site is Left-Liberty.net

History of the Libertarian Movement

by Samuel Edward Konkin III

Posted on 02/16/2012


Prior to 1969, there was no “organized” Libertarian Movement. In the 1800s, circles formed around Lysander Spooner’s individualist abolitionism in Massachusetts, followed by Benjamin Tucker and his Liberty magazine (not to be confused with the Seattle ‘zine of the 1980s & 1990s) which upheld the black banner of individualist anarchy from 1870s to 1907.… Read more ...