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Richard Rider’s Old Editorial Rebuts U-T San Diego’s Editorial about Initiative System


Richard Rider of San Diego didn’t have to come up with a new rant after he read an editorial today in U-T San Diego . He just had to go through his archives to find one that’s still appropriate.

The editorial predicts only trouble for California after the number of signatures needed to qualify initiatives was reduced substantially after last month’s low voter turnout:

Activists are reportedly salivating at the prospect of propositions to extend the “temporary” tax increases approved in 2012, increase other taxes, weaken Proposition 13, legalize recreational marijuana and increase the minimum wage.

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icPurple SuperPAC Looks to Spend Major Money Backing Viable Independent Candidates

Ted Waitt is the founder of Gateway and a notable Independent who has created the icPurple SuperPAC in an effort to help fund Independent political campaigns which are winnable. He has seeded the organization with $300,000 to start running ads in some key races for Independent candidates.… Read more ...

PSL San Diego supports ‘March for the Liberation of the People’

Irvin Pachuca at Party for Socialism and Liberation (

On Jan. 22, students, teachers and other workers came together and raised their voices in a march as part of a month-long series of events known as “Enero Zapatista”—a commemoration of the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional uprising 17 years ago this January in Chiapas, Mexico.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation organizes San Diego rally against Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids

By: Abel Macias

Say no to detentions and deportations!

On Nov. 5, as workers were coming home from work, they came across a rally of over 150 students, youth and workers who were demanding an end to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in their community.… Read more ...