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Tony Hall statement on “sanctuary city” policy

Emailed to IPR:

Last week’s San Francisco Bay Guardian forum revealed that despite a diversity of opinion among San Franciscans, every single candidate at the forum agreed that not only do they support “sanctuary city” policies – every candidate agreed that they will reverse Gavin Newsom’s decision to report undocumented immigrant felons to federal authorities.… Read more ...

Update on Tancredo Money Bomb

The following is from the Tancredo campaign:

At midnight tonight, my Road to Victory Money Bomb comes to an end.

Tomorrow morning, my campaign manager – Bay Buchanan – will make our final media purchases.

My campaign a still far away from her original goal, but I have some wonderful news:

Due to a technical issue, the Money Bomb ticker did not count a large number of donations.… Read more ...

Tom Tancredo: ‘Time is Running Out’

Tom Tancredo sends this along. Here it is free of the “donate here” buttons.

Dear Conservative,

Time is running out!

My campaign must file our campaign finance report with the State by September 1st and we must show at least $175,000 raised.

It is critical that we have a strong report to prove we can win this election against ultra-liberal Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.Read more ...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sends E-mail on Behalf of Tom Tancredo

I received the following e-mail from Sheriff Joe Arpaio:


The federal government has failed to protect our borders.

Across the country, illegal immigration is bankrupting our states and costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.

In Arizona, we stood up to the open border policy of the Obama Administration and passed legislation to enforce the rule of law and crackdown on illegal immigration.… Read more ...

From Tancredo for Governor: “Fighting a Sanctuary City Mayor”

Bay Buchanan of Tancredo for Governor 2010 sends this along:

Tom Tancredo needs our help! And he needs it now!

As you probably know, Tom is running for Governor of Colorado against Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Let me tell you something about Hickenlooper:

  • For seven years Hickenlooper has run a sanctuary city, which has encouraged hundreds of thousands of illegals to its city limits.
Read more ...