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Vermont Progressives May Have Elected Seven State Legislators

H/T Ballot Access News:

Election Recap from the Vermont Progressive Party:

Vermont’s Progressives, largely avoided the lurch to the right witnessed across the country with Tuesday’s general election.

All five Progressive incumbents seeking re-election were returned to office. Brattleboro Representatives Sarah Edwards and Mollie Burke ran unopposed. This will be Mollie’s second term in Montpelier, and Sarah’s fifth, making her the senior member of the Progressive caucus.… Read more ...

Minor Parties and Independents elected to state legislatures

The Vermont Progressives re-elected four state legislators this year, but lost two seats. The Progressive party legislators who were re-elected are Susan Davis, Sarah Edwards, David Zuckerman, and Sandy Haas.

Additionally, as previously reported here , Richard Carroll was elected to the Arkansas legislature as a Green.

Independents were elected to their legislatures in Wisconsin, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Maine, and Vermont.Read more ...