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PSL: ‘Corporate greed and racism created Arizona anti-immigrant law’

By: Frank Levine at PSLweb.org:

Private prison corporations sought increased profits for jailing allegedly undocumented immigrants

Arizona’s barbaric anti-immigration law SB 1070, now facing federal court challenges, was created to not only scapegoat immigrants, but also feed the boundless greed of capitalists. Private prison corporations and politicians worked hand in hand in the law’s creation as they drooled at the prospect of huge profits through the unjust detention of thousands of undocumented immigrants.… Read more ...

Arizona Libertarian Barry Hess: Please Help Us Take The Freedom Option to the Air(Waves)

Email from Barry Hess:

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters;

A MAJOR shift has occurred in the thinking of Arizonans in the final weeks of the campaign. 35% of the voters remain undecided and their hesitation seems to stem from their obvious displeasure with BOTH the Republicans and the Democrats. I predict that it will only take 35% to WIN back Arizona and the interim Governor’s support is dropping like a rock as more and more people are seeing through the deceptions of SB1070–they’re realizing it doesn’t have anything to do with border security.… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins Supports Immigrant Rights, Joins Protests Against Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law

On The Wilder Side:

The only way that the Green Party can regain ballot status in NY is to get 50,000 votes for their Governor candidate in 2010. This opportunity comes only once every four years, and it only applies to the Governor’s race. Gaining ballot status will enable the Green Party to run more peace candidates, more single-payer candidates, more anti-fracking candidates, and more sustainable energy candidates.
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Politics in the Zeros, Antiwar.com and Infoshop News on the effects of Marxist sects on the Anti-war and Pro-immigration movements

Bob Morris in Politics in the Zeros:

Why is the antiwar movement stalled?

In two words: the left

So says Raimondo at Antiwar.com. He is scathing against leftie ideologues who don’t want a right-left coalition to fight against the insane wars of the US because that might cut into their already absurdly small power bases.

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Party for Socialism and Liberations Protests Arizona’s SB 1070

The Party for Socialism and Liberation had a hand in organizing last week’s protest against an Arizona law which they believe to be racially discriminatory.

Over 50,000 people marched through the streets of Phoenix, Ariz., May 29 to demand an end to SB 1070 and all other racist attacks on immigrants.

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