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Libertarian Party Monday Message: Why Massachusetts should have voted Libertarian

Via email and LP.org:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Like you, I am upset that the health care bill passed last night. Another huge expansion of government spending and government control is not good for our freedom or our health.

When I heard about the passage, I was reminded of the many hateful emails I received earlier this year demanding that the Libertarian Party make Libertarian Independent candidate Joe Kennedy drop out of the Massachusetts U.S.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party blog: Scott Brown supports jobs bill; Joe Kennedy would not have

LP blog:

We learned today that the new Republican senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, plans to vote with Democrats in favor of a big-government jobs bill. It’s too bad Massachusetts voters missed the opportunity to elect Libertarian Joe Kennedy.

Before the election, many people were demanding that Joe Kennedy drop out of the race.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party blog: ‘Surprise: new Republican Senator wants more government-run health care’

LP blog:

Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown disclosed his hope of implementing more government-run health care in a recent post-campaign speech. Brown said he feels that a "basic plan for everyone" is important.

Republican politicians generally do not favor limiting or reducing government. Most Republicans want to increase the size and scope of government.… Read more ...

Did Scott Brown Win Because of Independents?

The Massachusetts special election for US Senate, won by Scott Brown, was said to have been the result of angry independents expressing their political will. But is this cliche true in this case?

Registered independents in Massachusetts have outnumbered the registered Democrats (or Republicans) in the state since February of 1990.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

 Post-Election Analysis

The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

Any Attempt to Pass Universal Healthcare Now will Damage the Obama Presidency Beyond Repair…and Result in Unrest in the Streets.

Las Vegas Oddsmaker-Turned-Vice Presidential-Nominee Predicted Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts…and Now Makes More Controversial Political Predictions.

Last Night’s Big Winners: Tea Parties, Conservatives, Libertarians, Small Business Owners, the Cop from Cambridge, and Hillary Clinton.Read more ...

Ballot Access posts debriefing on Joe Kennedy campaign

from Ballot Access News
Massachusetts Senate Results

January 19th, 2010

At the point at which 94% of the vote had been counted in the special U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, the vote was: 1,148,400 for the Republican nominee; 1,029,600 for the Democratic nominee; 22,100 for the Libertarian who was running as an independent candidate.

Read more ...

Joe Kennedy Independent Candidate for US Senate, Recent TV Appearances

Joe Kennedy’s Second Televised Debate, 1/11/2010,

Joe Kennedy on Neil Cavuto 01/12/2010:

IPR posts about Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy For SenateRead more ...

RightCondition: ‘Scott Brown can make history!’

By Arkady Kamenetsky

Scott Brown, Republican extraordinaire can make political history and shake 200 years of politics to their core. He can overnight transform his name and become truly the man of the people immortalized as the most selfless, thoughtful and generous man in political history. He can do all this literally in one day, by dropping out and supporting independent candidate Joe Kennedy!… Read more ...

RightCondition: Will Scott Brown stop ObamaCare?

RightCondition: Will Scott Brown stop ObamaCare?:
by Arkady Kamenetsky

An important question to consider seeing that his entire campaign has now been focused on this one issue.  Although the legislative technicalities have already been discussed, I decided that a picture might convey the idea better.  For all the out-of-state supporters clamoring for a Scott Brown victory, this is for you!… Read more ...

Carla Howell and Michael Cloud: Endorsement of Joe Kennedy, Warning to TEA Party activists supporting Scott Brown

Part III (the actual endorsement, not yet posted on the website, sent out by email):

“A Vote for Ross Perot for President is a Vote for Bill Clinton,” said the 1992 Republican whisper campaign and robo-phone calls (launched by Bush (Sr.) Presidential Campaign operatives in 1992.)

“A vote for Ron Paul for President is a vote for Barack Obama,” said the 2008 Republican emails and robo-calls (against Ron Paul’s 2008 Republican Presidential Primary Campaign.)… Read more ...

Rasmussen Pretends Joe Kennedy Does Not Exist

A new Rasmussen survey of public opinion in Massachusetts ahead of the January 19th special election for US Senate fails to include any mention of independent libertarian candidate Joe Kennedy, who qualified for ballot access late last year.  Instead the organization prompts likely voters to choose between Democrat Martha Coakley, Republican Scott Brown and “some other candidate.”… Read more ...

Massachusetts Special Election: the Debate on the Debates

Posted at Poli-Tea:

In the race leading up to the special election for US Senate in Massachusetts, the structure of the contest’s upcoming debates has become a point of contention between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown. The Boston Globe reports:

Coakley, the state’s attorney general, said she is reluctant to participate in any debates that do not include a little-known independent candidate, Joseph L.

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