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Independence Party of Minnesota holds balance of power in close race for Governor

According to the New York Times election results board, with 100% of precincts reporting, only 0.5% separates the Democratic and Republican candidates. Additional votes which may be counted, such as provisional ballots, make this race too close to call.

Tom Horner of the Independence Party got 11.9% in this race, with several other candidates in the race:

Chris Wright Grassroots Party 7,513 0.4%
Farheen Hakeem Green Party 6,188 0.3%
Ken Pentel Ecology Democracy Party 6,178 0.3%
Linda Eno Resource Party 4,092 0.2%

In the other three gubernatorial races which the NY Times considers too close to call at this time:

Illinois, 99% reporting – 0.5% separate the Democrat and Republican

Scott Lee Cohen Independent 134,219 3.6%
Rich Whitney Green Party 99,625 2.7%
Lex Green Libertarian Party 34,293 0.9%

In Connecitcut, again 0.5% separate the Democratic and Republican candidates.… Read more ...

Springfield IL State Journal Register: Green Whitney and Libertarian Green are better choices than Scott Lee Cohen

Journal-Register article sent to us by Scott West:

On Election Day, some people will be tempted to mark their ballot for Scott Lee Cohen, the independent candidate for governor.

They will look at their ballot and see the names of Republican Bill Brady and Democrat Pat Quinn and think about all the negative advertising the two have lobbed at each other.… Read more ...

IPR Gubernatorial Rankings

1) Lincoln Chafee (I-RI) – In 2006, Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee lost a close race for re-election against Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. Saying, “It’s not my party anymore,” in 2007 a disenchanted Chafee left the Republican Party due to its increasing conservatism. The politician went searching for a party, disagreeing with the Green and Libertarian Parties while finding the name of the Moderate Party “too squishy.”… Read more ...

Rich Whitney’s Campaign Is “Scraping the bottom of the barrel”

Rich Whitney sent out a strongly-worded (and somewhat frantic?) fundraising plea to supporters earlier this week. Below is an excerpt from the message:

Circumstances force me to be blunt: My campaign is REALLY hurting for money right now. Just when we need to be peaking, so that we can get some radio and cable TV ads and buy yard and window signs, and numerous other essentials, we are instead scraping the bottom of the barrel…

…Thus far, supporters have not followed through on such basic fundraising efforts as expected.

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Scott Lee Cohen News Roundup

Everybody’s favorite Independent candidate for Governor of Illinois in 2010 (the only one to be precise) gets a campaign update on IPR today.

  • Weren’t sure if Cohen planned to open up his massive coffers on his independent bid for Governor? Think again. Cohen is definitely playing it honest with voters: he plans to cut wasteful programs, but says he will need expert advice to pick out the specifics.
Read more ...

Whitney and Cohen treated as electoral equals with a Republican in Businessweek article, Libertarian left out

In a Bloomberg Businessweek article about Illinois’ unfortunate bond situation, the Green Party’s candidate for governor Rich Whitney and independent (and former Democratic candidate for Lt. Gov.) Scott Lee Cohen were quoted in a similar fashion as their Republican opponent.  They all criticized the Democratic governor, although Whitney criticized the Republican as well:

Quinn’s opponents were quick to jump on him for the borrowing.

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Rich Whitney at 11% in IL Gubernatorial Race

From PublicPolicyPolling’s blog:

Despite being largely unknown and not particularly well liked Bill Brady leads with 39% to 30% for Quinn and 11% for Green Party candidate Rich Whitney, continuing his path toward becoming one of the most unlikely big state Governors in recent history.

Brady is winning 80% of Republicans while only 60% of Democrats are committed to Quinn.

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Scott Lee Cohen is Now Guaranteed a Spot on Illinois Ballot as an Independent Gubernatorial Candidate

Ballot Access News:

On July 14, the Illinois State Board of Elections dismissed a challenge to the petition of Scott Lee Cohen, an independent candidate for Governor. The challenges to the other statewide petitions are still pending.

Cohen submitted 133,000 signatures for a requirement of 25,000 valid. Major party candidates only need 5,000 valid signatures, and can be on the ballot with just one signature if no one files a challenge.… Read more ...

Minor Party, Independent IL Gubernatorial Candidates Debate

Yesterday, a debate took place at Chicago State University between candidates for the Governor of Illinois. Moderating the event was Christina Tobin, President of the Free & Equal Elections Foundation (and a Libertarian candidate  for Secretary of State in California). All candidates who are on the ballot or submitted enough petitions to gain ballot access for the November election were invited to participate.… Read more ...

Five Minor Parties File In Illinois

The 2010 General Election ballot in Illinois will have as many as five minor parties on the ballot. Three independents also filed for both the Senatorial and Gubernatorial races, respectively.

June 21 was the deadline for minor parties and independent candidates to file petitions to be on the Illinois ballot. 

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Scott Lee Cohen Turns in 133,000 Signatures

Scott Lee Cohen is the former Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor of Illinois. He dropped out under pressure from Democratic party leaders in Illinois. Cohen appears to regret his decision to drop out and is now running for Governor of Illinois as an Independent.

Cohen turned in over 133,000 signatures in his attempt to get on the ballot–well over the 25,000 valid signatures that are required.… Read more ...

Rich Whitney responds to Scott Lee Cohen’s announcement for IL governor race

From Rich Whitney for Governor:

Cohen lacks comprehensive vision and plan; good intentions are not enough

Carbondale, IL- Green Party candidate for Governor, Rich Whitney, issued the following statement regarding Scott Lee Cohen’s announcement that he will run as an independent for Governor:

Even assuming that he gets on the ballot, I am not overly concerned by Scott Lee Cohen’s presence in the race.… Read more ...