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Libertarian Party of California Elects New Regional Representative

Jeff Hewitt

Mr. Jeff Hewitt was elected as the new Regional Representative for Region 4, which includes California, New Mexico and Nevada, to the Libertarian National Committee. Mr. Hewitt now serves as mayor of Calimesa, CA, and is running for the State Assembly. He has also recently regrouped the Libertarian Party of Riverside.… Read more ...

CA LNC Alternate Rep Suggests Johnson Campaign Should Sacrifice Ballot Access to Unseat Wagner

An email from Scott Lieberman of CA made its way onto the LNCDiscussPublic list regarding the Johnson campaign for president and the ongoing controversy in the Oregon LP. Dr. Lieberman is an Alternate Regional Representative to the Libertarian National Party from Region 4, which includes Arkansas, California, Nevada, New Mexico and New York.… Read more ...

Wayne Root Touts Media Successes To LNC

Libertarian National Committee alternate Scott Lieberman forwards an email from LNC member and 2008 LP VP candidate Wayne Root:

Some Libertarians have complained that the Libertarian National Committee has a super-secret e-mail list that no one other than LNC members are allowed to read.

But today, you are in for a treat.… Read more ...

Libertarian Peacenik blog on Mark Hinkle, Wayne Root and the question of Libertarian Outreach to Muslims, Christian and Jews

This topic was previously discussed in the comments at LNC In Action, but not yet in an IPR post itself. Although this is always true, since this is a contentious topic, I would like to remind our readers that all opinions expressed are those of the author, in this case Thomas Sipos, not editorial statements by myself (paulie) or Independent Political Report.Read more ...

LNC Member Scott Lieberman endorses Wayne Root for Chair

“Political Parties exist to put their political philosophy into practice by electing their members to public office. To do that, the Party needs members, money, and activists. By his numerous appearances on cable television and nationally syndicated radio shows, Wayne Root has shown that he can get the Libertarian Party far more publicity than any previous LNC Chair.… Read more ...

Wayne Root criticizes Wes Benedict, LPHQ for failing to post his media appearances

From the comments on a previous post:

Phillies sends the following [..]….


“Root threatens Benedict with ‘If this isn’t news worthy…then we need a new Exec Director who can see that it is.’ ”


Subject: ROOT for Wes
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 22:04:00 -0800
From: rootintl
To: wes benedict LP HQ , aaron AA Starr
CC: robert.kraus@lp.org… Read more ...

Mixed messages from Libertarian National Committee

As recently reported, the LNC has chosen St. Louis, MO as the site of its 2010 convention. Below is the congratulatory message sent by LNC member Michael Colley to the LNC, which Treasurer Bob Sullentrup then forwarded to the Missouri LP Executive Committee:

As recommended by the Convention Oversight Committee and approved by Chair Bill Redpath, the Renaissance St.

Read more ...