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Angela Keaton, Cindy Sheehan, Christina Tobin, Sean Scallon, and Ben Manski to discuss third parties at University of Wisconsin

Email to supporters of Free and Equal:

Leading Voices for Independent Politics Unite on April 26 for Landmark Event at University of Wisconsin at Madison

CHICAGO, Ill., April 20, 2010 – Next week, a distinguished group of panelists from across the American political spectrum will gather to discuss electoral reform, the peace movement, and the growing dissatisfaction with both Republicans and Democrats.… Read more ...

Member of Board of Supervisors declares self Libertarian/Constitutionalist

Sean Scallon, who is a freelance writer and long-time activist in the Constitution Party recently wrote an article for the American Chronicle.

Just recently I was appointed to the Board of Supervisors of my home county of Pepin, Wisconsin.

This past spring the incumbent board member for my district decided not to run again, but no one else stepped up to run for his seat in his stead.

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