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Posts tagged as “Sen. Bernie Sanders”

IPR Owner Endorses Sen. Sanders for POTUS

warren redlich

In an email sent to IPR editors and contributors earlier today, IPR’s owner, Warren Redlich, 2010 Libertarian Candidate for New York Governor, endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President.

Mr. Redlich explained the reasoning behind his endorsement as follows:

“1. Unfortunately I do not think the Libertarian Party will mount a credible campaign for president in 2016.… Read more ...

Effort to Draft Senator Bernie Sanders as a Green Party Candidate in 2016

go green

(The following was posted on a Facebook page that is dedicated to the effort of encouraging the junior senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, to run as a Green Party candidate for President in 2016.)

We petition Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont—a progressive independent—to reach out to prominent Green Party members such as Jill Stein and to seek the Green Party nomination for president in 2016.… Read more ...