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Wayne Root: ‘Explaining The Harry Reid Victory and Tea Party Loss in Nevada’

Email from Wayne Root to

By Wayne Allyn Root of

Harry Reid won because:

A) Casino bosses DESPERATELY need him in his position of power (U.S. Senate Majority Leader)…so much so that even many Republican casino CEO’s in Las Vegas conspired to get him a victory….and… Read more ...

James Libertarian Burns expounds on his idea for defeating Harry Reid

From: Jim Burns, a Libertarian for President 2012

Dear Paul,

The only candidates who have any money to speak of in
the US Senate race in Nevada are Reid and Angle. Reid has
3 or 4 times more money plus union and other national support,
but Angle as changed her approach (a better campaign) and since
Reid is hated by many people here, therefore, unless something
changes, the race will be very close.… Read more ...