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Libertarian Party of Ohio on their progress

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Republicans won the 2010 mid-term elections based primarily on a huge resurgence of public interest in Libertarian platforms of smaller government involvement and common sense fiscal conservatism. While the tidal wave of Republican enthusiasm has swept the GOP back into power, they weren’t the only party to make significant gains on Tuesday, states the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s Political Director Michael Johnston.… Read more ...

Study: 2010 Elections Likely to Result in Strongest Showing Among Third Party and Independent Candidates in over 75 Years


A lengthy article at Smart Politics reports that this year we are likely to witness the strongest showing by third party and independent candidates for office since the 1930’s. Some excerpts:

A Smart Politics analysis of nearly 1,800 gubernatorial elections since 1900 finds that third party candidates in 2010 will rival those of 1994 for the strongest showing over the past 75 years since the Great Depression.

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