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Posts tagged as “Socialism and Liberation”

Socialist vote for Mayor of Los Angeles reaches record high

from Ballot Access News
Socialist Vote for Los Angeles Mayor in 2009 is Highest Since Before World War II

June 12th, 2009

Los Angeles elects its Mayor in the spring of the odd years that follow presidential election years. The Socialist Workers Party has run a candidate for Mayor in all Los Angeles elections, starting in 1945, except that it didn’t run in 1997.… Read more ...

New Jersey Presidential filing closes, Constitution Party status in question

Posted at Ballot Access News

Petitioning candidates for president who filed by the July 28 New Jersey deadline are Bob Barr, Roger Calero, Gloria La Riva, Cynthia McKinney, Brian Moore, and Ralph Nader. Also someone named Jeffrey Boss of Guttenberg, New Jersey, filed under the “Vote Here” Party label.… Read more ...