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Howie Hawkins wins nomination of the Socialist Party

At the 2019 Socialist Party Convention held in Newark, has chosen to nominate Howie Hawkins as their nominee.

Hawkins was one of two candidates to seek the Socialist Party’s nomination, the other being 2016 Green Party Presidential candidate Elijah Manley. Manley cited certain delegates not being in attendance as the reason he wasn’t nominated by the party.… Read more ...

Wikinews Publishes “Final Pleas” From Three Third Party Candidates

In the sixth and final edition of the monthly Wikinews series on the 2016 presidential election, three candidates not invited to Free & Equal’s 2016 presidential debate were provided an opportunity to write a final statement to voters.

Those making their final plea include: America’s Party nominee Tom Hoefling (who asked to use the same statement he made as a final plea as his party’s nominee in 2012); Socialist Party USA and Natural Law Party presidential nominee Mimi Soltysik, and former Thompson Township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania Tax Assessor James Hedges, nominee of the Prohibition Party.… Read more ...

Press release: Socialist Party Presidential Ticket Will Be on Michigan Ballot

Socialist Party of Michigan:


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For Immediate Release
August 7, 2016
Official Presidential Campaign Website: www.rev16.us

LANSING – The 2016 Socialist Party USA presidential campaign of Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik and vice presidential running mate Angela Nicole Walker will be included among the six presidential tickets appearing on Michigan’s ballot this November.… Read more ...

The North Star Interviews Mimi Soltysik

From Curtis Mansoni at The North Star, via Joshua Fauver at American Third Party Report:

Why run for president now?
Mimi: As a revolutionary organization in the United States, it’s not as if the media is regularly banging down our door for interview requests. That changes a bit during the general election.… Read more ...

Socialist Party: Statement on the Murder Committed by Chicago Police and Attacks Against Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Activists


From the Socialist Party website:


Laquan McDonald, presente.

The 17 year old child murdered by the Chicago police, represents another in a string of signals sent to the Black community and people of color everywhere. 16 bullets, most in his back, most after he was already down. It was a lynching, the video replayed over and over on social media.… Read more ...

Socialist Party Statement on the Attack on the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

From the Socialist Party website:

written by the SPUSA Women’s Commission and passed by the Socialist Party USA National Action Committee 12/2/2015

The Socialist Party USA stands with Planned Parenthood and supports every woman’s right to receive comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including access to safe, legal abortions. We condemn the most recent terrorist attack against a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs and recognize the connection between this attack and the release of videos falsely accusing Planned Parenthood of ‘selling baby parts’, an allegation the alleged shooter specifically mentioned in a statement to the police shortly after his arrest.… Read more ...

The Socialist: “Town Hall” Interview with Socialist Party USA’s Vice Presidential Candidate Angela Nicole Walker

From The Socialist:

SP-USA members from around the country submitted questions to Brooke Shannon who compiled them into one town hall interview. Angela Nicole Walker provided answers in November 2015; in between national days of action, doing lots of great work, and all around hustling for justice in Milwaukee, WI.Read more ...

U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Hear Michigan Ballot Access Case

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Matt Erard, a Michigan Socialist Party activist, has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his ballot access case. The Supreme Court ruled in 1968 in Williams v Rhodes that states cannot make it more difficult for parties to get on the ballot than to stay on the ballot.… Read more ...

“Town Hall” Interview with Socialist Party USA’s Presidential Candidate Mimi Soltysik

From Jen McClellan at The Socialist:

Jen: I’m here with Mimi Soltysik who has recently been nominated as the presidential candidate of the SPUSA. Mimi, would you say a few words before we get started.

Mimi: Yes, I would. First, I want to thank The Socialist for the chance to participate in this interview.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Rejoins Board of Coalition for Free & Open Elections

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) has existed starting in 1985. It is a loose coalition of nationally-organized minor parties and other groups that support fair play for independent candidates and minor parties. Recently the Prohibition Party re-joined the COFOE board.… Read more ...

Socialist Party Convention This Weekend

The Socialist Party will be holding its national convention this weekend, October 16-18, in Milwaukee, WI. Details here.

Featured speaker will be Angela Walker, who is seeking the party’s nomination for vice president. Full list of prospective presidential and vice presidential candidates below:

For President:

Frank S. Annunziata (New York)
Timothy S.… Read more ...

Two Socialist Party Candidates Sue California to Have Party Label on Ballot

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On October 8, two Socialist Party candidates for the California legislature filed a federal lawsuit against the California law that forces them to have “party preference: none” on the ballot, if they run for Congress or partisan state office. Soltysik v Padilla, c.d.,… Read more ...