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Posts tagged as “Socialist Party”

Victor Berger: Sewer Socialist

Victor L. Berger.jpg

On this day 162 years ago, Victor Luitpold Berger was born to a Jewish family within the Austrian Empire. When he was 18, he would immigrate to America with his parents to avoid military conscription, spending some time in Bridgeport, Connecticut.… Read more ...

Federico Garcia: Why I have not felt the Bern – Reflections on perspectives for the American left

Federico Garcia is a blogger living in Italy who is interested in American third party politics. He published the following article at the American Third Party Report on August 10th:

The Democratic National Convention of Philadelphia is now in the history, but the most iconic event of the entire meeting has been the Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton against all the odds, even after the scandal of DNC leaked emails.… Read more ...