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Socialist WebZine: Egypt’s Long Labor History

From the Socialist Party USA’s Socialist WebZine:

Despotism works alongside the cruelty of neoliberalism.

The Socialist WebZine is publishing this excellent essay from 2009 on the history of the labor movement in Egypt for our readers.

by Atef Said

ATC 142, September-October 2009 – THE EGYPTIAN WORKING class is one of the oldest in the region, with a long history of internationalist solidarity.… Read more ...

Socialist Webzine: Memphis Activists Harassed by FBI

Socialist Webzine:

A few hours prior to the event, three FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force agents visited the Center to inform them that there was going to be a demonstration.

Memphis Activists Harassed by FBI (While Protesting FBI Harassment)

Local activists, including members of the Memphis Socialist Party, gathered at the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center yesterday to file Freedom of Information Act requests as part of a nationwide day of action against recent FBI harassment of anti-war and international solidary activists.… Read more ...

Socialist Webzine Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Interview with Cindy Sheehan by Billy Wharton at Socialist Webzine:

Cindy Sheehan is the most recognizable anti-war activist in the US today. Since her son Casey’s death in Iraq in 2004, she has thrown herself into anti-war organizing. One high point of her protests came in 2005 as she set up a Camp Casey across from the vacation ranch of then President George W.… Read more ...

Socialists Join May Day Demos

Posted at Socialist Webzine:

Socialist Party USA members took part in May Day protests all across the United States. All major US cities saw protest, many of which centered around demands for justice for immigrant workers. Below are some photos from SP-USA participants who kept the tradition of socialist organizing on May Day alive!… Read more ...

Socialists See Opportunity and Opening in Present State of Democratic-Republican Party Government

Posted at http://thirdpartydaily.blogspot.com/

From a letter to the editor of the Socialist Webzine:

I’m a new kid on the block, just joined the Party the other day. But I’ve been thinking about socialism as an alternative to whatever you wish to call the present American system of politics and government and at the risk of repeating something that you-all have said and, I hope, are acting upon: there never will a better time in your lifetime and certainly in mine to present an alternative form of government to millions of Americans who are fed up with Capitalism as manifested by the two-headed monster known as the Republican-Democrat Party.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA’s David McReynolds and Billy Wharton on the death of Howard Zinn

Socialist Webzine:

by David McReynolds
from Edge Left

I was at a meeting of the New York War Resisters League tonight when, mid-way through the meeting, Frida Berrigan broke into the agenda to say that she hated to relay the news, but she had just gotten text message that Howard Zinn, that great historian of the struggles of the American people, had died of a heart attack at 87.… Read more ...

Socialist webzine: Justice versus Juxtaposition

Posted at Socialist webzine:

Justice versus Juxtaposition

The Socialist WebZine was recently headed with a multiple choice question:
What deserves more political attention the right to marry or the right to adopt children?
• Right to Marry
• Right to Adopt
• Neither, the bourgeois family unit is an outdated relic
In Sophie’s Choice, the William Styron novel that was made into a Meryl Streep film, Sophie is forced – in a moment – to make a barbaric choice that will haunt her for the rest of her life.… Read more ...

Socialist Webzine: Memphis Socialists Protest Obama’s Escalation

Socialist Webzine reports:

Two dozen people braved the cold and rain last week in Memphis to protest against Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Memphis Socialist Party members participated in the demo and joined thousands of others across the country in demanding an end to the war and occupation of Afghanistan.… Read more ...

Socialist Webzine: G20 coverage headlines

  • Evidence of Unmuzzled Dogs Being Used Against G20 …
  • G20 Pittsburgh Police Get Their Paychecks
  • Large Turnout for People's March at Pittsburgh G20…
  • Pittsburgh Students Face Tear Gas and Rubber Bulle…
  • More Footage of Police Using Dogs To Intimidate Pr…
  • Cops Threaten Protesters With Dogs – G20 Pittsburg…
  • Pittsburgh G20: heavy police presence on Universit…
  • Pittsburgh Says NO to the G20!
  • Read more ...

    Socialist Webzine: Tweets From G20 People’s Summit

    Socialist Webzine is carrying tweets from the G20 People’s Summit in anticipation of the G20 in Pittsburgh, 24-25 September.

    Here are the tweets which are up at their website now. More will be added later at the original article on Socialist Webzine (link above), but not this one.

    @lacymacauley – “My hometown in Mexico was devastated by globalization.… Read more ...

    Socialist WebZine to Carry Live Reports from the G20

    Posted at Socialist Webzine:

    A Socialist WebZine Exclusive!

    When the rulers of the world gather in Pittsburgh next week, the Socialist WebZine will be there! Starting on Tuesday September 22nd the WebZine will be transmitting live reports from Socialist Party members participating in the street demonstrations against the G20. Short reports, essays, pictures and up-to-minute updates will flow from the streets of Pittsburgh to your computer screen.… Read more ...

    Socialist Party USA comments on events in Honduras, Iran

    From The Socialist Webzine

    In Solidarity with the People of Honduras

    by the SPUSA National Action Committee

    July 7, 2009 – The Socialist Party USA condemns the coup recently carried out in Honduras by the military and backed by a section of the Honduran elite. We call for the immediate reinstatement of democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.… Read more ...