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Bill Still Calls for Pardon of Roger Stone

On the April 22 episode of The Still Report, the popular YouTube channel of 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bill Still, Still urged viewers to sign a petition for President Donald Trump to pardon political operative Roger Stone.  Stone, 67, once a member of the Libertarian Party, was found guilty of false statements, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice. … Read more ...

New York Times Carries Major Obituary for Socialist Workers Party Vice Presidential Nominee of 1968

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The New York Times has this lengthy obituary of Paul Boutelle, who was the Socialist Workers Party vice-presidential nominee in 1968. The obituary even has a picture, which is somewhat rare for Times obituaries.

Boutelle changed his name in 1979 to Kwame Somburu.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party Builds June Active Workers Conference

From Maggie Trowe at The Militant:

The three-day Socialist Workers Party-sponsored Active Workers Conference begins June 16 in Oberlin, Ohio, less than five weeks from now. Several hundred people from across the U.S. and around the world will hear reports on working-class struggles, the crisis of the dictatorship of capital, the continuing example of Cuba’s socialist revolution and prospects for building an internationalist, revolutionary proletarian party.… Read more ...

Maggie Trowe: Join with SWP to Back Strikers, Get on Ballot, Build Conference


From Maggie Trowe at The Militant:


Across the country — from Fort Morgan, Colorado; to Opelousas, Louisiana; to Rutherford, New Jersey — communist workers are explaining the Socialist Workers Party program, engaging in political discussion and making progress in several states putting the party’s presidential ticket of Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart on the ballot.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party Says It is ‘Working-Class Alternative to Brutality of Capitalism’; Will Begin Petitioning in New Jersey Later This Month

From Arlene Rubinstein at The Militant:

“The Socialist Workers Party is running against capitalism and its brutal consequences for working people the world over. The Socialist Workers Party campaign is presenting a working-class alternative to everything that capitalism and its candidates, from Trump to Cruz to Kasich to Sanders to Clinton, stand for,” said Alyson Kennedy, the party’s candidate for U.S.… Read more ...

Socialist Candidate Gets Hearing at Trump Event

From Dan Fein at The Militant:

The organized disruption that forced the cancellation of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rally here March 11 “was a blow to free speech,” Socialist Workers Party candidate for president Alyson Kennedy said. “Shutting down political expression is inevitably turned against workers.”

Kennedy’s statement stands in stark contrast to the celebration of the disruption on the left and among liberals who are increasingly shrill in charging Trump with being the spearhead of a rising racist and fascist movement.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party: Fight Attacks By Bosses

Posted to The Militant by Naomi Crane:

“I am running for U.S. president on the Socialist Workers Party ticket because the other parties don’t represent workers. They are the bosses parties,” Alyson Kennedy explained to members of the United Auto Workers at the morning shift change at Electro-Motive Diesel in La Grange, Illinois, where railroad locomotives are built.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party: Support Eleanor García, SWP Candidate for US Senate in California

From The Militant:

In addition to running Alyson Kennedy for U.S. president and Osborne Hart for vice president, the Socialist Workers Party is announcing candidates across the country. In California, the party is running aerospace worker Eleanor García for U.S. Senate and plans to put her on the ballot. The Militant is reprinting her biography, released by the SWP National Campaign Committee Feb.Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party Announces 2016 Presidential Ticket

From The Militant:

Join Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party candidates for president and vice president, and other SWP candidates and their supporters fighting alongside workers in cities, towns and farming areas against depression-driven attacks on our living and working conditions. The bosses and their government are escalating assaults on the working class and our unions to shore up profits at our expense.… Read more ...

Naomi Crane: Priscilla March, Political Cadre of SWP for 62 Years

From Naomi Crane at The Militant:

“Priscilla March was a political cadre, grounded in working-class politics and the program and continuity of the Socialist Workers Party. That is what sustained her for 62 years of building the party,” said Norton Sandler, speaking for the SWP’s National Committee at a Dec.… Read more ...

The Militant: Celebrate the Political Life of Frank Forrestal

From The Militant:

Frank Forrestal, 61, a member of the Socialist Workers Party National Committee, died of cancer Dec. 1 in Minneapolis.

Over four decades, Forrestal, above left during 2014 reporting trip to Turkey, shouldered many leadership responsibilities in the party printshop, on the Militant staff, in defense of the Cuban Revolution and in trade union activity.… Read more ...

New York Socialist Workers Party: Campaign Against Imperialist War! Protest Attacks on Muslims, Mosques!

From The Militant:

The following statement was released Nov. 25 by Norton Sandler, chairman of the New York Socialist Workers Party.

The New York Socialist Workers Party protests the mounting witch hunt by both Democrats and Republicans and by the state and federal governments against Muslims in the U.S., and Washington’s war drive.… Read more ...