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Richard Winger: Socialist Workers Party Attacks President Obama’s Executive Order on Disclosure of Political Contributions for Government Contractors

From an article published June 12th, 2011, on

The June 6 issue of The Militant, weekly newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party, has this editorial criticizing President Obama’s new executive order that requires government contractors to reveal extension information about their political donations and other political activity.

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Socialist Labor Party closes office

Posted at Ballot Access News

The Socialist Labor Party, the original party of socialism in the United States, stopped running candidates for partisan public office after 1981, but has continued to publish its newspaper, The People, on a bimonthly schedule. However, due to a shortage of funds, the paper hasn’t been published since the March-April 2008 issue.

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Self-identified socialist parties appear to be headed for the second lowest Presidential popular vote total since 1888

Via Ballot Access News

In every presidential election starting in 1888, at least one socialist party has participated. The Socialist Labor Party ran a slate of unpledged presidential electors in 1888 in New York state.

If one adds together the presidential vote of all the parties with these words in their party name: “Socialist”, “Communist”, “Socialism” and “Workers”, and calculates the percentage of the vote cast for such parties for president, one finds that the lowest percentage in history was in 2000, when such parties polled less than .02% of the vote.

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Socialist Party VP Stewart Alexander dismisses economic plans of Obama and McCain

It would come as little surprise that the candidate of an openly socialist party would find the economic plans of the leading candidates to be lacking. Here it is in his own words:

Today, Vice Presidential Candidate Stewart A. Alexander attacked the economic programs of Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain; Alexander dismissed the economic proposals of both candidates as “campaign baiting to win votes.”

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