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Libertarian Party of Kentucky addresses racism allegations against Rand Paul

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The Libertarian Party of Kentucky today reiterated that they are the party of acceptance.

“Liberty, freedom, and true economic prosperity cannot exist in a system which institutionalizes racism, bigotry, or other kinds of unfounded hatred,” said Ken Moellman, Chairman and Northern Kentucky native.… Read more ...

Unapologetic Landham eyes 2010 gubernatorial bid

PolitickerKY reports that while Sonny Landham concedes his Kentucky U.S. Senate bid this year is over, he could “jump into another political race in the near future.” Landham said, “There is 2010 to run, there is a governor’s race to run. I’m going to look at that. Right now, this one is over.”… Read more ...

LPKY repudiates Landham again

PolitickerKY reports that Sonny Landham, the controversial Kentucky candidate who advocates economic nationalization, culture wars, and the use of a tax-funded military to conduct a war of genocide so that the US can appropriate other people’s oil, has been repudiated by the LP a second time. It appears that Sonny Landham will not be on the ballot at all this year.… Read more ...

Landham: back on the LP ballot line?


The Libertarian Party of Kentucky will reconsider its endorsement of Senate candidate Sonny Landham Wednesday evening, just days after initially disassociating their party from his bid. This news comes after the office of Kentucky’s secretary of state announced yesterday that Landham would need 5,000 new petition signatures to secure ballot access to run as an independent.

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Kentucky Secretary of State Reverses Stance on Whether Landham Can be on as Independent

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Unfortunately, on July 29, the Kentucky Secretary of State retracted his ruling that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky could choose to have Sonny Landham on the November ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate instead of as a Libertarian. Now the choices are either: (1) the party can submit its petition in early August and have Landham listed as a Libertarian; (2) the party can submit its petition in the middle of August, which will mean that the petition will only be valid for president and vice-president, but not U.S.… Read more ...

Libertarians drop Sonny Landham

On tonight’s Weekly Filibuster, Libertarian Party political director Sean Haugh revealed that the Libertarian Party of Kentucky is dissociating itself from Sonny Landham. He explained that the LPKY needed to wait until today to find out the ramifications for dissociating itself from Landham for the purpose of getting Barr/Root and LPKY on the ballot, since he was listed on the petition.… Read more ...

Libertarians Against Landham petition

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(click on the link if you want to sign).

We the undersigned believe that Sonny Landham should not be endorsed, approved, or supported by the Libertarian Party of Kentucky as a candidate for Senate or any other office.

Mr. Landham has proven from his comments that he is not a libertarian, and many of his recent statements and positions have been both ideologically incorrect and socially repugnant.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party Vice Chair Todd Andrew Barnett condemns Landham

New Baltimore, MI — Boston Tea Party Vice-Chair candidate Todd Andrew Barnett, who’s currently serving as the Boston Tea Party’s Vice-Chairman, condemns the racist, anti-Arab remarks made by Kentuckian Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Sonny Landham. In the days following the racial epiphets first given by Landham to Courier-Journal columnist Joseph Gerth who broke the story on the candidate’s anti-Arab comments, Barnett blasts the former actor-turned-standard bearer of the LP’s U.S.… Read more ...

LPKY stands by Sonny Landham…for now

I just got off a conference call with Weekly Filibuster and LPKY chair Ken Moellman a little bit ago.

8 of 12 exec comm members participated in the preceding call, which we were not on. Moellman relayed that, although the LPKY is considering withdrawing its endorsement, it is not ready to do so at this time, and that they will have another call about it Monday night.… Read more ...

Sonny Landham calls for genocide of all Arabs and Muslims

Washington, DC – During an interview with “The Weekly Filibuster”
radio show last night, Kentucky Libertarian Senate Candidate
Sonny Landham heightens his controversial comments by calling for
genocide of all Arabs.



Sage Koontz: So are you calling for a complete genocide of the Arab
race?… Read more ...

Give Sonny Landham a call

Louisville, Kentucky – Sonny Landham, Libertarian nominee for the US Senate in Kentucky will address media attention regarding his Wednesday degrading comments of the Arab American community.

Landham will appear tonight for a full hour alongside representatives from the Arab-Americam community on a special edition of The Weekly Filibuster airing live tonight at 10PM EDT at http://www.weeklyfilbuster.com.… Read more ...

Sonny Landham, Kentucky Libertarian for U.S. Senate, defends ‘camel-dung shovelers’ comments on youth radio show

When asked about high energy prices, Kentucky Libertarian for U.S. Senate Sonny Landham said we should release oil from the strategic oil reserve, drill in areas of the U.S. currently off-limits, and try to persuade OPEC to cut the price of oil. And if that doesn’t work, Mr. Landham said we should use military force to steal the oil.… Read more ...