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Kansas Libertarians May Replace U.S. House Nominee with Prominent Republican

From Ballot Access News:

The Kansas Libertarian Party is ballot-qualified and nominates by convention.  Its original nominee for U.S. House, 4th district, David Moffett, recently dropped out of the race because of ill health.  The party has the right to choose a replacement nominee, up until September 20.

According to this story, the Kansas Libertarian Party is considering replacing Moffett with Wink Hartman, and Hartman is considering whether to accept. 

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What Think Ye of “Sore Loser” Third Party Candidates?

Word comes that Bill Walker (see comment 11), who lost the Republican primary for Governor of Alaska , has contacted the Alaska Independence Party about possibly appearing on the AIP ballot line. I made the following comment (edited somewhat) in the comments section and thought it would be a good subject for all to discuss.… Read more ...