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Kubby: Attacks From Deputy, Candidate’s Manager Unwarranted

Originally Published in Lake Tahoe News

By Steve Kubby

As a Libertarian, I respect the First Amendment and people’s right to express their opinion, no matter how harsh, especially if I choose to write something and others choose to criticize what I have written. However, I have a serious problem when someone ignores the facts and attacks me personally and that someone carries a badge and a gun.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby loses City Council race by 104 votes

Email from Steve Kubby:

Dear Friends and Family,

I lost the race for SLT City Council by just 104 votes. That’s right, we were just 104 votes away from victory.

I should point out that I was defeated by a former mayor of South Lake Tahoe, a former newspaper editor of the Tahoe Tribune, and someone who just raised $30 million in grants for the schools.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby for City Council, South Lake Tahoe: ‘Get Out the Vote today!’

Kubby for City Council:

Win, lose or Draw…It was a great campaign – Special thanks to the guys who made this campaign such a terrific team effort: Kevin Takenaga, Beau Cain, Terry Floyd, Dana McLorn, and Wayne Allyn Root.

Here are the poll results as they stand last check:
Poll Results

Get out and vote!… Read more ...

Update on Steve Kubby for South Lake Tahoe City Council

Latest updates at Kubby for City Council:

Campaign Party! This tuesday night @ The Coyote Grill!

Come celebrate an epic campaign at the Coyote Grill.
Win or lose, we’ve run a campaign we can all be proud of, with award winning radio ads and a great group of volunteers. The festivities will commence at 6:30 p.m.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson at Steve Kubby Event – Nor CA

HANG LOOSE – Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico and honorary chairman of the OUR America Initiative, spoke Wednesday night at a special town hall meeting in South Lake Tahoe. Governor Johnson spoke on key issues such as cutting deficits, lowering taxes, immigration reform, legalizing marijuana and ending the war in Afghanistan.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby update

Email from Steve Kubby, candidate for South Lake Tahoe, CA City Council (rearranged to put items relating to the current campaign at the top):

[H]ere’s our latest radio commercial for my run for South Lake Tahoe City Council:

For more media and updates on my South Lake Tahoe campaign see here:
http://kubby4citycouncil.com/Read more ...

Steve Kubby: ‘Tahoe Cultivation Ordinance Unconstitutional, Dangerous & Can Get the Family Dog Shot’

New South Lake Tahoe Cultivation Ordinance is unconstitutional, dangerous and liable to get your family dog shot dead.

by Steve Kubby

Although I have publicly commended the South Lake Tahoe City Council for their new cultivation ordinance, recent events have made me realize that this ordinance is clearly unconstitutional and represents a profound threat to the freedom and safety of city residents and their innocent family pets.… Read more ...

Kubby: Creating an Immediate Influx of Money and Jobs for Our Struggling Community

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzljV9B-f7c
Creating an Immediate Influx of Money and Jobs for our Struggling Community
By Steve Kubby

South Lake Tahoe is in the middle of an economic catastrophe. Unemployment is above 20%. Our construction industry is in collapse.

We need immediate action to create jobs in our struggling community.

We have thousands of homeowners and businesses who desperately want to make property repairs and improvements.… Read more ...

Video: Libertarian Revolution Brewing in Lake Tahoe

Official Release from the Steve Kubby Campaign

There’s a Libertarian Revolution Brewing in Lake Tahoe
by Steve Kubby

There’s a Libertarian revolution brewing in the City of South Lake Tahoe, California. A county grand jury has found the current city council to be “dysfunctional” and probably guilty of malfeasance. Three of five seats are up for grabs.… Read more ...

Steve Kubby: ‘Protecting the Environment v. Defending The Constitution’

By Steve Kubby

Recently, I was sworn in as an official candidate for the South Lake Tahoe City Council, by City Clerk Susan Alessi. Take a look at what I have sworn to do:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.”… Read more ...

Steve Kubby: ‘Restoring Trust and Credibility to the City Council’

By Steve Kubby, candidate for South Lake Tahoe City Council. Kubby was the 1998 Libertarian candidate for Governor of California, 2000 and 2008 runner up for the party’s Vice Presidential nomination, and sought its presidential nomination in 2008.

Dear South Lake Tahoe City Council,

Last week the Tahoe Daily Tribune published a compelling narrative about the bombing of Harvey’s Casino thirty years ago.… Read more ...