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White Nationalist Billy Roper Defends 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Wendt

White nationalist Billy Roper, former member of the National Alliance, founder of the now-defunct White Revolution, and current coordinator of The Shieldwall Network, defended 2020 Reform Party presidential candidate Joe Wendt, who represented Roper in Roper’s 2012 campaign for the Boston Tea Party’s (BTP) presidential nomination.  Wendt has given various excuses for his participation in Roper’s campaign: claiming it was someone else with a similar name, that he had been hacked, that he was pulling a prank on the BTP, a prank on Roper, a practical joke, and, most recently, that he had simply made a mistake,

Before seeking the nomination, Roper’s far right activities and views were well publicized. … Read more ...

American Freedom Party: Ron Paul Smeared by SPLC “Tolerance Taliban” Again

Posted August 22, 2013 on the American Freedom Party website

Will the Pauls ever successfully distance themselves from allegations of racism? Since they first came to light in 2008, the controversies surrounding the publication of racist newsletters bearing Ron Paul’s name has been well-analyzed and well-documented. Senator Rand Paul experienced similar scrutiny a couple of months ago when it was revealed that one of his aides was a talk radio host named “the Southern Avenger” who once belonged to a group advocating Southern secession.… Read more ...