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Henry Wallace: The Original #DemExit-er

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On this day 133 years ago, Henry Agard Wallace was born. Wallace would gain a very longstanding legacy in US Political History thanks to the ruling political establishments demonization of his politics.

Wallace began his career as the Secretary of Agriculture under President Franklin Roosevelt, where he played a vital part in passing the Agricultural Adjustment Act, being an outspoken voice to Roosevelts Left.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: It Is Time to Vote Strategically and to Make Our Voice Heard

The Constitution Party sent out the following press release this past week:

Every presidential election year, we are bombarded with the message that this is the most important election ever and that we must vote for one of the candidates of the two major parties. This year is certainly no exception.… Read more ...

Larry Sharpe Posts Meme on the Spoiler Effect

After Congressman Justin Amash’s announcement about his 2020 run for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination Tuesday, the Twitterverse exploded with individuals concerned that Amash’s campaign would take votes away from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. In response, Larry Sharpe, the running mate for 2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray, posted the following meme:

In addition, Sharpe tweeted:

People say that a vote for Libertarian is a vote for Trump OR a vote for Biden.

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Bread and Roses Party Picks a Vice Presidential Nominee

As Ballot Access News reports, the Bread and Roses Party, a left wing minor party with ballot access in Maryland, picked a running mate for party founder and 2020 presidential nominee Jerome Segal.  His name is John de Graaf, a documentary filmmaker from Seattle.

Segal, a philosopher and research scholar at the  University of Maryland as well as president of the Jewish Peace Lobby, founded the Bread and Roses Party in 2018 after his failed primary challenge of Democratic Senator Ben Cardin. … Read more ...

Mark Cuban Tweets Justin Amash about Center for Competitive Democracy

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the ABC show Shark Tank, tweeted 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Justin Amash yesterday about an organization Cuban funds called the Center for Competitive Democracy:

Check out competitivedemocracy.org it’s an organization I fund to help candidates get on ballots.

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