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Ralph Nader: Third Parties Are Not Spoilers

Third Parties Are Not Spoilers
Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal
By Ralph Nader at Nader.org

How unbecoming it is for the self-styled freedom-loving Wall Street Journal (“Ron Paul Nader?” Dec. 21) to use the politically bigoted word “spoiler” to describe a hypothetical Ron Paul-Libertarian party presidential run.… Read more ...

Ballot-Listed Tea Party Candidates Did Not “Spoil” Any Election for the Republican Nominee

Ballot Access News:

In the 2010 election, Tea Party candidates appeared on the general election ballot under the “Tea Party” label, for federal or state office, in Florida, Nevada, and New Jersey. Even though there were 17 Tea Party nominees in races with both a Democrat and a Republican also in the race, there is no instance at which the Tea Party nominee seems to have altered the outcome of the winner.… Read more ...

Liberty Point: Win or lose, Libertarians make a difference

Brian Irving at Liberty Point:

North Carolina’s Libertarian candidates are optimistic that regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, their campaigns have made a difference. They are optimistic because of the reaction they’ve received from voters unhappy with the two major parties.

“Voters are quite polarized this year, so my results are going to depend on turnout of unaffiliated and disenchanted Republican voters, plus a low Democrat turnout,” said Lon Cecil, candidate for U.S.… Read more ...