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Green Rolf Maurer running for state senate in Connecticut

From the Stamford Daily:

If you live in state Senate District 27, you might get a visitor this weekend asking for your help. Stamford resident Rolf Maurer wants to fill the seatvacated by Andrew McDonald, and he plans to canvass the community this weekend. Not only will he distribute leaflets, he’ll also seek signatures for a petition.

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Megan Cassano of the Green Party running for Board of Education in Stamford, CT

Megan Cassano got a mention in a newspaper article about the race:

Megan Cassano, 30, is running on the Green Party line for the second consecutive year. Cassano is a social worker, who said she deals with people every day with serious childhood and adolescent issues.

“I want to make a difference in (children’s) lives in terms of things such as bullying and enacting a zero-tolerance policy for bullying,” she said.

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