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Angela Keaton–Against Me: A Libertarian Feminist Diary


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By Angela Keaton
February 17, 2016

You are not lady like.” — Mexican Marxist and former employer.

YOU YOU YOU YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT FEMININE!” — Canadian former child star, drunk, trying to navigate a stick shift while … drunk.

Why do you work here if you hate men?”… Read more ...

Lawsuit Filed in California Challenging Anti-Prostitution Law


This was sent to me by Starchild for publication here

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco is among the supporters of a lawsuit aimed at overturning California’s anti-prostitution law. Here is a press release from the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project, which funded the suit.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))

Contact: Maxine Doogan at 415-265-3302 info@esplerp.org… Read more ...

Starchild To Be Interviewed Tonight About His Grassroots Libertarianism

Starchild 3

From an email from Mike Shipley

Click here to hear the interview

Joining us this evening will be the famous Starchild, the champion of grassroots Libertarianism, transparency and accountability within the party. Find out more about the Grassroots Libertarian Caucus and its 5 Key Values. Also learn more and join the Yahoo group by clicking the link below!!… Read more ...

Open Thread for Libertarian National Convention June 27 to 29

The convention business starts on Friday the 27th, although several events were scheduled for Thursday, the 26th. Paul Frankel (AKA Paulie) is there, as is Starchild, and tlpusa LOGOhey’ll both blog as much as possible. Anyone else who wants to tell the rest of us about what’s going on can do so here.… Read more ...

LNC Executive Committee Teleconference Scheduled for 12/29 (noon, EST) to Discuss LNC Member Travel Reimbursement

LP chair Geoff Neale has asked for another teleconference of the Libertarian National Committee’s Executive Committee to discuss reimbursement of travel expenses incurred (mainly by LNC members) as a result of the cancellation of the LNC meeting originally scheduled for December 7-8 in Dallas and subsequently held the following weekend.

The seven ExCom members are Neale, vice chair Lee Wrights, treasurer Tim Hagen, secretary Dave Blau, at large representative Bill Redpath, and regional representatives Jim Lark and Dan Wiener.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: More Questions Surface About Michael Cloud’s Payment As Vendor


This was posted by Starchild as a comment to an IPR thread re: the Updates on Libertarian National Committee, Bylaws and Platform Committee, Budget and Audit

For background, please see here .

December 6, 2013 at 12:11 am

As I would expect is normal for an organization with a number of full time employees, a large portion of the matters we deal with on an ongoing basis in our operations concern staff in one manner or another.… Read more ...

LP Activist Starchild Sets Up Independent Petition Site For Pro-Freedom Petitions

Starchild 2

This was sent to us for publication here by IPR writer and commenter Starchild.

I am seeking to get an independent libertarian petition site developed where members of the public can sign pro-freedom petitions and LP members can additionally sign (and hopefully work on draft language for) petitions directed to the Libertarian National Committee in support of various ideas for motions they’d like the LNC to adopt.… Read more ...

IPR’s Starchild Will Speak at Libertopia 2013

Independent Political Report’s writer Starchild will speak at Libertopia 2013, which is scheduled in San Diego, CA, for August 31 to Sept. 2 (Labor Day weekend). The festival is an event to bring together those in the voluntaryist, libertarian, and even anarchist communities to “spread the principles of free-market economics and voluntarism”, as it’s explained on their website.… Read more ...

LNC Member Starchild Proposes Creation of a Libertarian Petitioning Website


Published in the August 2013 edition of Liberty for America

LNC at Large member Starchild has circulated a proposal for a petitioning web site, allowing people to petition the LNC or to circulate general petitions. He proposes:

My initial conception of this site was simply as a tool to help me be more organized and effective as a Libertarian National Committee member by enabling me to keep track of which other committee members support which of my ideas, and to mobilize popular support within the party for motions I’d like to get adopted.

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Starchild Motion for LNC: Truth in advertising on building fund (letter to donors)

From an email sent out by Libertarian National Committee (LNC) at-large representative Starchild, June 22nd:

As I noted in a June 19 message to the Libertarian National Committee’s LNC-discuss list,

> • We promised donors to the project [to purchase a new LP national headquarters building] that their money would be spent to buy a *building*, which would be named the “David F.… Read more ...

LP chair Geoff Neale announces he won’t keep Carla Howell on as LP executive director

This was too major not to pass along immediately. I don’t know whether any other LNC members knew this was coming, but this is the first I’ve heard of the move.
Love & Liberty,
                                   ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee


Begin forwarded message:
From: “Geoffrey Neale” <liber8or@austin.rr.com
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LNC Member Starchild Comments on Proposed LP National Headquarters Location

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 6:53 PM, Starchild wrote:

Some thoughts on the office space (1101 King Street, #160, Alexandria, VA 22314) that is being considered for purchase. I see two major issues:

• It is in Alexandria, not Washington D.C. or Arlington — Arvin Vohra and others familiar with the area have said being in Arlington would be far preferable to an Alexandria location in terms of attracting volunteers, working with other libertarian groups located in Arlington, etc.;… Read more ...