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Libertarians Organizing Virtual National Torch Parade for Bradley Manning

Outright Libertarians, the GLBTQ caucus of the Libertarian Party, along with libertarian activists in San Francisco and other cities, is organizing a virtual torch parade to support private first class Bradley Manning, the U.S. government soldier being prosecuted for passing hundreds of thousands of secret documents, including video evidence of war crimes being committed by members of the U.S.… Read more ...

Discussion from The Leaders of the Libertarian Party: Geoff Neale to Starchild

You can read the thread at right here .

The latest exchange on the LNC is reported by Starchild to read:

From: “Geoffrey Neale” Date: March 30, 2013 8:21:27 PM PDT
Subject: Re: [Lnc-discuss] Alternative convention sites
Reply-To: lnc-discuss@…

Starchild – I really do not know why I even try answering your stupid,
stupid, stupid emails.… Read more ...

Starchild Answers Constitutionalist Immigrant’s Letter to Rand Paul Re: Immigration

This letter was sent in response to a letter Starchild received regarding Rand Paul’s speech about immigration.  The letter was previosuly posted on IPR, and you can read that here .

Dear Tony,

Thank you for writing. I was also heartened by Rand Paul’s filibuster of president Obama’s drone-loving nominee to head the CIA.… Read more ...

Paul Frankel Responds to Dr. Tom Stevens and Asks for Retraction

This afternoon, one of our writers here at IPR, Paulie, whose real name is Paul Frankel, posted an article about the current report of Region 5S to the Libertarian National Committee.  It should be noted that, in addition to his work here with us, Paulie serves as an alternate At-Large Representative to the Libertarian National Committee of another region (Region 7).… Read more ...

LNC Member Starchild offers analysis of LP

In an apparent response to recent criticism of the Libertarian Party  and Libertarian National Committee (LNC) by LNC member Wayne Allyn Root, LNC member Starchild offered the following analysis and recommended reading to all other LNC members:

Wayne seems to be suggesting here that libertarianism qua libertarianism just can’t/won’t appeal to people.

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Libertarian Convention Coverage at Reason

Below are all the articles from the Reason Magazine blog about the Libertarian national convention.

Starchild Is Here

Geoff Neale is the new LNC Chairman

Gary Johnson: The LNC Chair Race is Exciting! Interesting!

Still no Chair of the Libertarian National Committee

Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Nomination

Gary Johnson Just Gave the Best Speech of His Presidential Campaign

How the LP Votes for a Presidential Nominee

Anarchy at the Libertarian Party Convention

Judge Jim Gray Is the 2012 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nominee

The Libertarian Party Convention Drinking Game

Johnson and Wrights Square Off in Libertarian Presidential Debate

It’s Johnson vs Wrights in the LP debate

Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Ed Clark: “I think this year is like 1980”

Meet Lee Wrights, Libertarian Candidate for President

Gary Johnson Takes Solid Lead In Libertarian Party “Token Tally”

Mary Ruwart talks about the LP in 2008 & 2012

LP Convention Delegates See Johnson As Anti-Barr

Gary Johnson On Why He Changed His Mind About Running for President

The Libertarian Party Convention Has Begun

Nearly all the articles were about either the Chair race or about LP presidential contenders (past and present).… Read more ...

IPR Writers Seeking LP Positions

– A flyer on my table seeks delegate votes for Brian Holtz for Judiciary Committee. If my memory is correct, Brian previously said he would not seek another term on JudCom

-Starchild is reportedly running for LNC At Large

-Aaron Starr is running for Treasurer. Two new candidates have joined that race; I will post a separate article on that.… Read more ...

Brian Holtz: 2012 Convention Election Predictions

Posted originally by Brian Holtz on his blog, Libertarian Intelligence and submitted to IPR. Brian writes for IPR also, but per our rules he is not posting it here because he is the author of this opinion. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with his picks by reposting it for him here, and IPR as a group/site is not taking any positions.Read more ...

Starchild: Volunteering for Ron Paul in Iowa

Written for IPR by Starchild at the request of  Jill Pyeatt

A couple days after Christmas, I went to Iowa to help Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses. I’d never been there before, and I like traveling, but mainly it was just something I felt like I needed to do; that how well Ron Paul did in that caucus could be a real game changer.… Read more ...

Grassroots Ron Paul supporters organize “Rock The rEVOLution Tour”

Inspired by Ron Paul’s quote that “I always knew that if you were going to have a revolution you needed two things, young people and music”, some of the libertarian Republican presidential candidate’s supporters have launched a multi-city benefit tour featuring pro-freedom bands, musicians, rappers, and libertarian speakers.

Zak Carter, the main promoter who has been organizing the tour, said at the San Francisco show tonight, the fourth of the tour, that he has plunged into this project with little experience.… Read more ...

LP of San Francisco: Libertarians Support Middle East Freedom Uprisings

By Starchild at LPSF.org:

BeStrongEgypt4hAs in 1989-1990, when the Berlin Wall came down and former vassal states and imprisoned peoples in the U.S.S.R. were declaring their independence in rapid succession, it is clear that we are witnessing a momentous historical shift in the Middle East. Since the Soviet empire’s collapse, this has been the region of the world most dominated by authoritarian regimes — many of them, sadly, supported by the United States government.

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Update on LNC At Large Vacancy-filling process

(Posted by Paulie)

In comments on my last update about the process to fill two At Large Rep vacancies on the Libertarian National Committee caused by the death of David Nolan (RIP) and the resignation of former Treasurer James Oaksun, whom former At Large Rep Bil Redpath was appointed to replace, LNC regional rep Daniel Wiener wrote:

There is no official list of applicants for the two LNC vacancies, nor is there any official procedure.

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