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San Francisco Libertarian Activist Starchild at Protest of Solidarity with the People of Egypt

San Francisco Libertarian Activist Starchild attended a protest of solidarity with the people of Egypt. The protest took place Saturday, February 5, and took place at United Nations Plaza in San Francisco. Starchild’s rough estimate is perhaps three or four hundred people were present. Starchild writes:

I encourage people to get these and similar images up on as many Libertarian and libertarian sites as possible, including LP.org,

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Starchild: Proposed resolution of Libertarian support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Starchild comments on a previous press release by the Libertarian Party supporting Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks:

What paulie said — anti-TSA and pro-WikiLeaks! Both of these issues represent key tests of government power against civil liberties, one related to the First Amendment protections of freedom and speech and of the press, the other related to the Fourth Amendment protections from unreasonable search and seizure.… Read more ...

Libertarian School Board Candidate Starchild is first choice of San Francisco high school students

Press release via yahoo groups lists:

Organizers of San Francisco’s YouthVote, a mock election in which SF high school students get to weigh in on the candidates and measures to be voted on by the general voting age public in the upcoming November election, released the results of the student vote today, and Starchild, a sex worker and libertarian activist, was the runaway top vote-getter among the 11 candidates for school board, selected by 41.8% of those casting ballots.… Read more ...

Starchild quoted in NY Times on criminalizing resting on sidewalks: ‘It could be your freedom that goes next’

Story By JESSE McKINLEY in The NY Times. H/T Starchild in comments on a previous post.
Starchild is a Libertarian Party activist.

SAN FRANCISCO — Starchild, a self-described sex worker and a candidate for San Francisco supervisor, says there is absolutely no reason that his beloved city needs any more rules.… Read more ...

San Francisco Libertarian Starchild Wins SF Weekly’s ‘Best Political Activist/Bisexual Escort – 2010’

SF Weekly:

San Franciscans are understandably proud of their quirky liberal heritage, but our town’s lovable eccentrics aren’t confined to the political left. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine another city where a doctrinaire Libertarian who moonlights as a bisexual escort and exotic dancer could become a permanent fixture in the political firmament.… Read more ...

Libertarians help San Francisco prostitution decriminalization measure get national publicity

Posted by Starchild on LP Radicals Yahoo group. Starchild is an activist with the San Francisco LP.

Most prominently, as many of you know, Carol Leigh (aka Scarlet
Harlot) was on the Bill O’Reilly show. Unfortunately he did not give
her much time to address the issue, as she had to spend most of the
scant time he let her talk during the segment trying to counter his
insistence on regulation.

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San Francisco LP activist Starchild instrumental in putting prostitution decriminalization on the ballot

Press release posted on the LP Radicals yahoo group. Starchild has had various offices in the San Francisco and California LP, and is one of the spokespeople for this initiative.

The San Francisco Department of Elections announced today that the measure prohibiting city officials from spending money arresting and prosecuting people for prostitution, and mandating equal legal protection for sex workers, has qualified for the November ballot.

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Starchild makes extremely brief VH1 appearance

Libertarian activist Starchild was shown very briefly on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” this weekend. Coming out of an ad break, a clip of Starchild asking a question of candidates in Denver, no longer than five seconds, was shown. While his name was mentioned, no context was offered and the fact that the clip was from the convention was not noted.… Read more ...

Report: Starchild calls out Gravel

During a forum hosted by Libertarians for Justice, Starchild asked presidential candidate Mike Gravel how he could support coercive taxation for things like education and healthcare, while still claiming to support the core libertarian idea that people should be able to do whatever they liked with their own property, so long as they did not initiate force against others.… Read more ...