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Carl Person: ‘Creating State Banks the Libertarian Way’

Libertarian Idea for Creating Jobs Developed
during Day of Joint Executive Meetings of LPWI and LPMN in St. Croix
Falls MN on 10/1/11

Carl Person, Candidate for Libertarian Party Nomination for President)


New York,
NY, October 2, 2011.
Carl Person, Candidate for the Libertarian
Party’s nomination for President, made the following statement today
as part of solving the nation’s unemployment and economic problems:

Setting up State Banks in
the 50 states can and should be endorsed by Libertarians across the
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Rich Whitney: A final campaign message to supporters

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

From Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney:

November 4, 2010 – 12:34 am

Don’t Lose Heart! Cause for Hope Amidst the Disappointment

A “Final” Campaign Message (But Read On!)
by Rich Whitney, 2010 Green Party Candidate for Governor

To the hundreds of people who supported me in my campaign for Governor, and to the roughly 100,000 or so who saw fit to vote for me, despite the politics of fear that swept Illinois this election season, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.… Read more ...

Darcy Richardson, Darryl Perry on IPR radio Thursday 9/9…10 pm Eastern Time

…at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central time. IPR blogtalk is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ind-pol-report.

Darcy Richardson is an author, historian and veteran alternative party and independent political activist, who is in the process of writing a comprehensive seven volume history of the American alternative party and independent political tradition, and is the co-founder of Uncovered Politics.… Read more ...

FL: Working from 9%, “The Other Guy” Focuses on Economy

Press release from Farid A. Khavari’s independent campaign for governor of Florida:

MIAMI, SEPTEMBER 2nd — A Rasmussen poll of 750 likely Florida voters yesterday shows Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink in a virtual dead heat for governor — with 9% of voters supporting “some other candidate” after independent Democrat Bud Chiles dropped from the race.… Read more ...