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Posts tagged as “state legislature”

Libertarian Party Earns Minority Party Status, Committee Appointments in Wyoming House

On Wednesday, February 16, Wyoming House of Representatives Speaker Eric Barlow named the Libertarian Party an official minority party in the state legislature for the first time in state history.

The LNC announced that freshman Libertarian Representative Marshall Burt has been appointed to the Corporations Committee, a “distinguished honor rarely given to representatives in their first term.”… Read more ...

First Libertarian to Win a Legislative Election in 20 Years Takes Office Today

Marshall Burt is the first member of a state legislature to be elected as a Libertarian since 2000, and he will be sworn in to his new office on Tuesday, January 12th at 9am Mountain Time. Back in November he defeated a long-time incumbent in a 2-way race to represent Wyoming’s 39th district.… Read more ...

Arizona Daily Star: ‘Independents Demand Reform of Legislature’

From the Arizona Daily Star via Third Party and Independent Daily:

As Arizona drowns in red ink, the state Legislature appears to be more ideological than pragmatic in dealing with the myriad problems facing our state. In a state where registered independent voters are the fastest growing political bloc (recently surpassing Democratic voters in numbers), not a single independent serves in the Legislature, and moderates of both major political parties are routinely beaten in primary elections by extreme conservative and liberal candidates.… Read more ...