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Prohibition Party of New York Responds to Cuomo’s 2021 State of the State Address

The Prohibition Party of New York issued its response to Governor Cuomo’s 2021 State of the State Address. The party released a six-page document critically evaluating the governor’s address and providing their own vision and proposals for state policy.

The full document is available on their website.

The Prohibition Party of New York responded to governor Cuomo’s statements about the federal government’s failures in responding to the coronavirus, by stating that the Cuomo administration’s response also had its own flaws which exacerbated the situation.… Read more ...

LPWI Assembly Candidate Jordan Hansen Delivers Response to Walker’s State of the State Address

From from Jordan Hansen for 54th State Assembly, via the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin:

Scott Walker’s State of the State Address was one mostly filled with political filler; a speech filled with 25 minutes of facts and half-truths about the “successes” of the last few years of Republican leadership. The final 15 minutes, however, was full of new policy proposals, some good and some bad, meant to “Move Wisconsin Forward.”… Read more ...

Florida Tea Party responds to State of the State address

Press release emailed to IPR:

“I was pleased with the tone and subjects covered by the Governor. We strongly support Governor Scott’s efforts to bring the state budget under control and be on the side of the taxpayers of Florida.”

“Governor Scott will have a tough fight on his hands to overcome the forces of special interests to implement his bold initiatives.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of California Responds to Gov. Brown’s State of the State Address


Symbolism or Substance? The Real State of the State of California


Despite the flowery rhetoric and awkward humor in Governor Jerry Brown’s short-on-words and short-on-ideas January 31, 2011 State of the State address, California is actually in dire condition. We are mired in a $25 billion budget deficit, 12.5% unemployment, one of the worst housing markets in the state’s history, increased prices and cost-of-living, and $650 billion-plus in bond and pension obligations that weigh heavily on our future.… Read more ...

Green Party of CA warns Gov. Brown that, like Egypt, the “have not’s” can only take so much

As posted by Ian Wilder at onthewilderside.com

Urge Governor to fix financial crisis by taxing the wealthy as they do the rest of us

The Green Party of California warned Gov. Jerry Brown today – minutes before he gives his “State of the State” address – to not go down the same path as ex-Gov.… Read more ...

Michigan Greens Say Granholm’s Final “State of the State” Speech Is Disappointing, Short-Sighted, Business as Usual

By way of On The Wilder Side:

GPMI Candidates Will Focus on Prosperity and Peace for People, Environment

Members of the Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) are disappointed, though not surprised, by the contradictions between Governor Granholm’s talk of a new direction for Michigan’s economy and her obvious support of the same old business as usual .… Read more ...

Illinois: Rich Whitney gives response to State of the State Address

from a campaign press release:

Whitney provides a Green Party response to State of the State Address

Carbondale, IL -Green Party candidate for Governor Rich Whitney issued the following statement today in response to Governor Quinn’s State of the State Address:

I must confess that I wrote most of this statement before listening to Governor Quinn’s State of the State address today.

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The Green Party of New York State’s response to the Governor’s State of the State Speech

Repost from onthewilderside. Based on a GPNYS press release:

The Green Party of New York State calls Gov. Paterson’s response to New York State’s ongoing economic and political crisis inadequate.

In his speech Gov. Paterson named fiscal reform, ethics reform, and political reform as the most pressing problems facing New Yorkers in 2010.

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