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Nike Founder Donates a Million Dollars to Independent Candidate for Governor of Oregon

Nike co-founder Phil Knight has now kicked in a cool million bucks to help boost the independent gubernatorial bid of former Democratic state senator Betsy Johnson.

Johnson is banking millions to fuel her campaign and was already polling at 11% in January against a generic Republican and Democrat.

More from Oregon Public Broadcasting:

“Without the money and machinery from the two party system, I need all the help I can get to rescue Oregon,” the statement said.

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Michael Peroutka To Address Constitution Party of Mississippi Convention

Michael Peroutka is one of a number of speakers who is slated to address the Constitution Party of Mississippi’s 2012 convention, which will be held in Tupelo, Mississippi, on June 1st and 2nd.

Michael Anthony Peroutka speaks Friday evening and is the Keynote speaker on Saturday afternoon.  Explaining the American view of law and government, and the work of Institute on the Constitution, Michael will offer insight into the “un-reality” that is occurring in our government and culture, and will remind his hearers to join with those who want to restore the “re-ality.”

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New York Conservative Party Unknowingly Nominated a Dead Person for State Senate in 2010

Ballot Access News:

This New York Times story explains that the Conservative Party nominee for State Senate, 31st district, in 2010, was deceased before the party nominated him. Dr. Raphael M. Klapper, of the Bronx, died in May 2010. But during June and July, a petition was circulated to qualify him for the Conservative Party primary.… Read more ...

Vermont Progressive Party legislative assignments

From the Progressive Party’s blog:

The House and Senate convened and organized this week, and Progressives fared well in committee assignments.

The returning house members all remained on the same committees from last session.Sarah Edwards returns to Natural Resources and Energy, the House committee which deals with Vermont Yankee. 

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Vermont Progressive Party helps to pass same sex marriage law

On Tuesday, April 7th the Vermont legislature overrode the governor’s veto of a law legalizing same sex marriage in the state.  The Progressive Party’s five state representatives and one state senator all contributed in the effort to pass the original bill and override the veto.

Combined with a recent court decision legalizing gay marriage and a D.C.… Read more ...