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Steve Collett: Drug Policy Alliance Offers True Hope and Change

steve_w_dogsSteve with Ron Paul

Steve Collett posted this to his blog just a few days ago . He passed away suddenly over this past weekend.

Love Fest in Denver

Economy, End Drug Prohibition, Human Rights, by Steve Collett.

Drug Policy Alliance Offers True Hope and Change

There is a love fest going on in Colorado right now.… Read more ...

Libertarians Shocked at Sudden Death of CA Activist, Steve Collett


Posted to OC Politics Blog

RIP, L.A. liberty movement leader Steve Collett
By Art Pedroza

Friends of Steve Collett , the noted Libertarian activist, are commenting on his Facebook page that he has apparently passed away. If this is true it would be a great loss for the liberty movement. Reportedly he died at his home in Hermosa Beach, of unknown causes, after returning from the Reform Conference in Denver, which he blogged about just a couple days ago, here .… Read more ...

Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses First Dozen Libertarian Candidates


2 June 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters


Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following candidates:

(Note: additional endorsements to follow as various State Libertarian Parties hold conventions and nominate additional candidates.)… Read more ...

Steve Collett: Thirteen Ways Drug Legalization Could Improve Real Estate Values

A growing consensus is forming among economists and criminologists that drug prohibition, rather than drug use itself, is a leading cause of violence and property crime, resulting in urban decay and losses to real estate values.

Following are thirteen ways that various forms of drug legalization could improve retail, housing, and agricultural real estate values:


1.… Read more ...

Minor Party, Independent Candidates Make Weak Showing In CA-36 Special Election

Three Independents (“No Party Preference”), one Libertarian, and one Peace & Freedom Party candidate ran in the special election to succeed Jane Harman in the 36th congressional district. The California Secretary of State‘s office provides results:

Daniel H. Adler
(Party Preference: Dem)
Debra Bowen
(Party Preference: Dem)
Loraine Goodwin
(Party Preference: Dem)
Janice Hahn
(Party Preference: Dem)
Marcy Winograd
(Party Preference: Dem)
Patrick “Kit” Bobko
(Party Preference: Rep)
Stephen Eisele
(Party Preference: Rep)
Mike Gin
(Party Preference: Rep)
Craig Huey
(Party Preference: Rep)
George Newberry
(Party Preference: Rep)
Mike Webb
(Party Preference: Rep)
Steve Collett
(Party Preference: Lib)
Maria E.
Read more ...

California: LP Candidate Steve Collett Speaks Out on Immigration and Drug Policy

From a media release by the Collett campaign:

Libertarian Congressional candidate Steve Collett has focused his campaign on U.S. drug prohibition and immigration policies with America’s important neighbor and trading partner Mexico. He has released several statements on his website www.ElectCollett.com with titles such as, “Mexico Death Counter”, “Economic Prosperity and Immigration are not Zero Sum Games”, and “I am the End Drug Prohibition Candidate”.… Read more ...

LP Candidate Collett: Drug War Death Counter

For immediate release

Steve Collett <electcollett@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 8:02 PM

Death Counter Reports Consequences in Mexico of United States’ War on Drugs

A most horrifying result of the U.S. war on drugs is widespread corruption, death and destruction in Mexico. An Educational Committee Regarding Death in Mexico Due to U.S.… Read more ...

Steve Collett: I Am The End Drug Prohibition Candidate

I believe in ending drug prohibition for adults. Not since slavery in the United States have we had a more failed public policy. If you have been victimized by crime against your body or property with inadequate law enforcement, if you have had your rights against search and seizure violated, if you are disgusted with our drug policies which empower gangs, terrorists and drug cartels, if you are outraged by colossal wastes of tax dollars spent on marijuana busts and an imprisonment rate thats 5 times higher than most every industrialized country in the world, then I am your candidate.… Read more ...

Steve Collett, Libertarian – Declares for CA 36th Congress

From the Press Release just submitted to IPR:

This Southern California Libertarian Candidate has some interesting
things to say.

“Election day is Tuesday, May 17,  2011. There are 16 candidates, 5
Democrats, 6 Republicans, 1 Peace & Freedom, 3 with no party
preference and Steve Collett, Libertarian. Under the new “top two”
election rules, all sixteen candidates will be on the ballot May 17,
and unless one candidate gets 50% or more of the votes, the top two
face each other in a runoff on July 12.… Read more ...

US House District 36-CA: Candidate Claims “Marijuana Will Be Legal In 2012”

From a media release by the Collett campaign:

Candidate Steve Collett Uses California’s Legalization Momentum to Draw California Voters to his Campaign.

On Saturday, Steve Collett announced his candidacy for Jane Harman’s vacated seat for the 36th US Congressional District. Bruce’s Beach was used as a backdrop for the would be Representative to announce his candidacy to supporters and media alike.… Read more ...