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Posts tagged as “Steve Dasbach”

Jorgensen Off the Campaign Trail After Mother’s Death

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen’s mother died this past Wednesday, according to campaign manager Steve Dasbach.  The unexpected death, which Jorgensen learned about as she boarded a plane, required Jorgensen to exit the campaign trail temporarily.  She was scheduled to appear in Alaska this week.… Read more ...

Jorgensen Campaign: July 4th Campaign Update

Steve Dasbach, campaign manager for 2020 Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen, sent out the following update today, the Fourth of July: 

Happy Independence Day!

Today, as we celebrate the day we declared our independence from the British empire, we look forward to declaring our independence from Washington DC this November by investing our vote in Dr.… Read more ...

Jorgensen Campaign: Important Debate Tonight – Jo Needs Your Support to Win!

The Jo Jorgensen 2020 campaign for president sent out the following statement today concerning a Libertarian Party presidential debate scheduled to take place today: 

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is sponsoring a three-round online debate that begins tonight. The debate starts at 7pm Eastern and will run for about two hours.… Read more ...