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Green Party Watch expands on list of ‘campaigns to watch’

Expanding on the list of top campaigns to watch sent out by the Green Party US national office yesterday, Green Party Watch is compiling a larger list of their most active and interesting campaigns.

Interested readers can make additional suggestions at Green Party Watch (or here), and IPR readers who support other parties may want to come up with a list like this for their parties as well.… Read more ...

Nebraska dumps fair play

Apparently the American Legion Boys State hosted a debate today between the Republican and Democratic nominees for US Senate from Nebraska, and kept Steve Larrick from participating in the debate.

The Journal Star reports that Larrick and close to a dozen supporters protested outside the debate.

If you want to hear two corporate politicians go at it in a debate, you can listen here.… Read more ...

Nebraska Greens to protest debate exclusion

Nebraska Green Steve Larrick is running for Anti-War Senator Chuck Hagel’s old US Senate seat, but apparently the American Legion in that fine state has decided that hearing from only half of the candidates is the value their members fought and had comrades die for. Semi-democracy seems to be the goal in a planned debate in which two of four candidates are being invited to meet and greet the state’s most promising young men.… Read more ...