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Johnson, Goode and Alexander on the John Stossel Show

Here is a link to the video of Virgil Goode’s (CP) appearance on The Stossel Show. Here is Gary Johnson (LP). Here is Stewart Alexander (Soc).

Here is a link to a discussion of the show which aired last night (13 Sep 12). The show was dedicated to the discussion of third party candidates.… Read more ...

Peace & Freedom Party Nominates Roseanne Barr-Cindy Sheehan Presidential Ticket

As reported on Ballot Access News, the socialist Peace & Freedom Party has nominated comedienne Roseanne Barr for president and selected anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan as her running mate at the party’s August 4 convention.

The presidential nomination was completed after two ballots since Barr did not receive a majority in the first round of voting.… Read more ...

Summary of Third Party Candidates’ Reactions to SCOTUS: CP, Green, LP, Peace&Freedom, Socialist etc . . .

The following Examiner.com article by includes reactions to the SCOTUS health care reform law by (listed here alphabetically):

Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode

Green Party’s Jill Stein

Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson

Peace & Freedom Party

Socialist Party’s Stewart Alexander

Socialist Equality Party’s Jerry White

The complete article is available online at:

http://www.examiner.com/article/opposition-presidential-candidates-comment-on-obamacare-rulingRead more ...

California Peace and Freedom Party Primary Results

Yesterday, members of the socialist Peace and Freedom Party had the opportunity to vote in the non-binding California primary for three of the four candidates seeking their presidential nomination.

With all precincts reporting, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson won with 1,208 votes, 43.4% of the total. Socialist Party USA nominee Stewart Alexander came in second with 835 votes (30%),  and Freedom Socialist Party nominee Stephen Durham finished third with 738 (26.5%) .  … Read more ...

Third Party Primary Candidate Profiled by FoxNews

FoxNews.com is not exactly known for its friendliness towards third party or independent candidates. However, they published this extensive profile of several third party primary candidates who will be on the ballot in California. Amongst the candidates profiles are Green Party candidate Roseanne Barr, American Independent Party candidate Edward Noonan, and Socialist Party candidate Stewart Alexander.… Read more ...

Presidential Candidates Seeking Peace & Freedom Party Nomination Answer Questionnaires

The Peace and Freedom Party of California has a presidential primary coming up in which four candidates are competing. Those candidates recently filled out and turned in questionnaires  to the Los Angeles County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party.

Stephen Durham of New York, the Presidential candidate of the Freedom Socialist Party, offers his questions here.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA Response to the State of the Union 2012

Obama’s State of the Union – Too Little Too Late

by Stewart Alexander, 2012 Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate

The phrase that came to mind immediately upon hearing President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech is “too little, too late.” After spending the last few years coddling the banks and the richest 1%, Obama has the nerve to now call for “economic fairness.”… Read more ...

Jeremy Young: Grading Third-Party Presidential Candidate Websites

Jeremy Young at the Crolian Progressive:

For a break from my usual fare, I decided to take a look at the campaign websites of the main declared 2012 minor-party presidential candidates. I’m doing this because there’s not a one that’s particularly good. I’m a supporter of third parties across the board, and I’d like to see them get their message out.… Read more ...

Stewart Alexander Will Seek Socialist and Green Party Nominations for President in 2012

From the Philly IMC via TPID:

In July, U.S. Socialist Stewart Alexander announced that he would seek the 2012 Presidential Nomination for the Socialist Party USA; now Stewart Alexander has announced that he will also seek the Presidential Nomination for the Green Party in 2012. In 2008, Stewart Alexander was the Vice Presidential Nominee for the Socialist Party USA and achieved ballot status in 29 states.… Read more ...

Socialist Stewart Alexander Plans 2012 Presidential Run

From the Philly IMC via TPID:

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Stewart Alexander was the Vice Presidential Nominee for Socialist Party USA; now with the US economy falling deeper into an endless recession and President Obama’s approval rating dipping below 50 percent, Stewart Alexander says he will run for president in 2012 to make Washington accountable to working people.… Read more ...

California: Socialist/Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for Governor Opposes Prop 14

Posted at http://thirdpartydaily.blogspot.com/

From the Philly IMC, on Stewart Alexander, Socialist and PFP candidate for governor:

The official summary of Proposition 14 to appear on the California ballot was prepared by California Attorney General Jerry Brown, the proposition was sponsored by California Lieutenant Governor Able Maldonado and co-sponsored by two Democratic senators, Lou Correa of Santa Ana and Lois Wolk of Stockton; however, PFP Governor Candidate Stewart Alexander says “Proposition 14 is undemocratic and may limit voter choices to one party.”… Read more ...

Alexander receives SPUSA endorsement for CA governor

2008 Socialist Party USA vice-presidential nominee and California state party chair Stewart Alexander has received the endorsement of his national party in seeking the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for governor of California. From Alexander’s press release:

Alexander’s political career spans over three decades; working for the Florida Consumer Action Network in the mid 80s working as a consumer activist, and running as a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles in 1989.

Read more ...