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An Activists’ Guide to Election Day: ‘Video your vote’

In an email update from the organization Black Box Voting, voting rights activist Bev Harris informed her supporters of a few things:

-Another organization committed to a similar cause, called Video The Vote. You can sign up there to film voting on Election Day in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.… Read more ...

Trouble with voting? Call Ralph Nader

On Ralph Nader’s website, a new page has been added to help voters vote. It will help you find the nearest polling place, help you learn how to write Nader’s name in (where that is needed), show you sample ballots, help you check your registration (or register on Election Day), help with early voting, help you if you experience problems when you vote, and help you “safeguard the vote” against election fraud and errors.… Read more ...

A call to action for Election Day

Recently, the Credo Action Network sent out an email to its supporters calling on them to do something about stolen elections and disenfranchisement. They wrote about election laws that might prohibit people who have lost their houses from voting, using it as a reason for why anyone who is old enough should be a poll worker.… Read more ...

Greens urge quick action on Ohio and PA election crimes

Press release from the national Green Party.

Greens urge quick action on Ohio, Pennsylvania election crimes, seek assurance of 2008 ballot access fairness and election integrity

• Pennsylvania: 12 indicted after Statehouse Democrats staffers were given taxpayer-funded bonuses to keep 2004 presidential candidate Ralph Nader (Ind.) and 2006 US Senate candidate Carl Romanelli (Green) off the state ballot

• Ohio: Evidence of massive fraud by GOP operatives in the 2004 election, with possible Karl Rove involvement; Greens were the first to probe the 2004 vote theft

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders urged swift and aggressive court action to ensure fair elections and enforcement of legal campaign practices in the wake of election scandals in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Read more ...

BTP voting hacked by (not so) Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Posted by ElfNinosMom at Last Free Voice

As previously noted, the Boston Tea Party’s online nomination convention was interrupted by someone who made multiple accounts on the same IP, and fraudulently voted.

Thanks to LFV’s own Vortex of Freedom, the “whodunit” has been solved. It turned out to be an attempt to alter the results of the convention by some folks in a forum at a site called ourcampaigns.comRead more ...

Suspected fraud in BTP online convention voting

posted at Last Free Voice by ElfNinosMom

In the Boston Tea Party’s online convention, there is some very serious concern about fraudulent voting.

It appears that some people may be creating multiple accounts – one seems to have as many as 12 accounts from the same IP – so they can vote multiple times; it appears those votes were cast for “None of the Above”, causing a situation wherein the top candidate for the VP slot was tied with NOTA.… Read more ...