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Richard Winger: Straight-Ticket Devices Likely to Vanish in New Mexico, North Carolina, and Wisconsin

From an article published June 11th, 2011, on

Straight-ticket devices have been repealed, or are likely to be eliminated, in three states this year. On May 25, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed AB 7, an omnibus election law bill that eliminates the device.

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Scott West of the South Carolina Green Party: ‘Straight-Ticket Distorts Democracy In State Elections’

Reposted from the South Carolina Green Party website:

How is it possible that former Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Alvin Greene could go from 25+% of the vote in a statewide contest to 1% of the vote running in his own hometown?  … Read more ...

Green, Libertarian, Constitution Party legislative candidates beat records going back decades

Compiled from Ballot Access News:

Indiana Libertarian 2010 Legislative Candidate Set Record Going Back at Least 85 Years

On November 2, 2010, Rex Bell, Libertarian nominee for Indiana State House, district 54, polled 20.78% of the vote in a race with both a Democrat and a Republican.… Read more ...